Nag Champa Bath Special
Relax and recover
This month that is upon us can bring many stresses with it as well as the promise of spring.  Tax preparations, garden preparations, spring cleaning.  It is an exciting time, but you can quickly find yourself stressing about renewal!  We have the answer in Nag Champa.  Nag Champa is known for its ability to calm the nerves and mind.  The scent of Nag Champa brings you to a state of relaxation, preparing you for mindfulness.  Our Nag Champa incense sticks and cones will bring you to this peaceful place as well as purify the air.  The scent lingers, even after the incense is gone.  Sandalwood is one of the ingredients in Nag Champa.  It is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Our Nag Champa soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and roll on oils will bring the benefits of Nag Champa to you in our all natural, all vegan bath line Imprints.  It is a unisex scent so it is able to work for both men and women.  Smell great, care for your skin, and find your Zen!  What more could you ask for?

How about a free Nag Champa gift with purchase!
  • Receive a complimentary Imprints Nag Champa aroma roll-on with the purchase of 16oz. Nag Champe bath salts OR
  • Save 50% off Imprints Nag Champs aroma roll-on with the purchase of 3oz. Nag Champa bath salts

Nag Champa bath bombs and soap are also available!
Spicy Orange Chick'n
Quinoa Bowl

All this week we are featuring our Spicy Orange Chick'n Quinoa Bowl.  Citrus and spice combine for this refreshing dish!  Organic quinoa and brown rice lay the foundation for sauteed Asian veggies, grilled vegan chick'n strips, mandarin oranges, chopped peanuts, and our special orange infused marinade - delicious!  

Available for lunch and dinner for a limited time.
Double Knitting Class
with Alasdair Post-Quinn

Learn double-knitting and reversible colorwork techniques with designer/author/teacher Alasdair Post-Quinn!  This 3-hour workshop will be held on Friday, May 5 from 1 - 4 pm at Hampton Inn and Suites, 6690 Ironwood Blvd, Canfield, OH 44406 (only 1.5 mile from The Flaming Ice Cube).
Alasdair is a computer technician in the Boston area who spends much of his spare time as a knitting designer, focusing specifically on double-knitting, a technique that creates a fabric with no wrong side. Until recently, a typical double-knit fabric was either tubular or reversible with the opposite side showing a mirror-image design in opposite colors. Over the past few years, people here and there have been pushing the boundaries of double-knitting to include more complex color and structure variations.
While he cannot claim to be the only one pushing these boundaries, Alasdair is among those on the forefront of innovation in double-knitting. His books, entitled Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, document his repertoire of esoteric double-knitting techniques (as well as being guides for beginning double-knitters). He is continuing to develop techniques and apply them to new designs.
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Annual Knitting Retreat!
May 5 - 7

This year we are happy to welcome Alasdair Post-Quinn to our retreat!  You may know Alasdair from his books Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, or his classes at the national knitting conventions like Stitches.

Our retreat will take place May 5 - 7, 2017 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Canfield, Ohio and will include accommodations Friday and Saturday night, dinner Friday and Saturday night, a boxed lunch Saturday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, 9 hours of instruction and workshop and a goody bag worth over $50!
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