Dear Friends,

Stages of Freedom's mission is to educate and empower inner-city youth by providing access to free swimming lessons through the Swim Empowerment program, as well as access to live performances and museums. While that usually means gathering people together to raise funds and to enjoy these experiences, sometimes it requires taking early precautions to ensure the health and safety of the community we serve. 
The Stages of Freedom board and staff are working diligently with our venue and program partners to monitor COVID-19 developments and create a plan for the upcoming weeks with the safety of our community as our top priority. For that reason, the 5th Annual Maya Angelou Poetry Reading has been postponed to Sunday, September 20 at 2pm.
The Stages of Freedom bookstore in downtown Providence has been closed for thirty days to prevent the spread of the virus to the Stages of Freedom and local communities. We will be notifying all Stages of Freedom friends of any updates regarding our programs and more details about when the store will be re-opening.

In this very difficult time, we remind you of often-missed, common-sense safeguards that will protect you, your family and friends:
  • WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and warm water frequently and for at least twenty seconds;
  • AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE, especially your eyes and mouth;
  • IF YOU EXHIBIT COLD OR FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS, contact your primary care doctor or local hospital to arrange a COVID-19 test as soon as possible and STAY HOME to self-quarantine for at least 14 days as recommended by the Rhode Island Department of Health;
  • DO NOT PANIC. There's a difference between being cautious and panicking. Do not let anyone convince you that we do not have a worldwide pandemic in full force.
  • LEARN & STAY UP TO DATE ON HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST THE VIRUS. Please use the buttons below to learn more information about the virus.

From the entire Stages of Freedom team, please take care and stay healthy. As always, thank you for your continued support.

Very Best,
The Stages of Freedom Team.

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