It looks like the 'powers that be' have sold out to another Wall Street billionaire who is bent on destroying democracy...

Are you okay with this abrogation of elections or would you support a progressive grassroots effort to stop
greedy Phil Murphy? 
New Jersey’s political establishment is corrupt. The power brokers and party bosses have decided to surrender because one greedy millionaire has put $10 million into a campaign fund.  With plenty of payoffs, we might not even need an election -- except for people like me who believe New Jersey is not for sale!

If I can garner enough support to qualify for New Jersey’s matching fund program, I will take on the millionaire and beat him.  That means raising $430,000 – which could be 1,000 donations of $430 or an average of $43 from 10,000 contributors. If we reach that goal, the state will provide two dollars for every one donated and we will have resources to organize a massive people-powered campaign, just like Bernie Sanders did.

With a combination of small donors plus volunteers hosting house parties, knocking on doors and making phone calls, organized and managed with a social media and online engine, we can convey a winning message about protecting democracy, achieving equality and resurrecting justice.
See for my bold ideas about cutting property taxes in half, making free public education include pre-K and college, universal health insurance, making the richest people & corporations pay a fair share of taxes or creating good jobs rebuilding roads, water systems and a clean energy supply.

Most importantly, I would outlaw campaign contributions and replace our existing system of legalized bribery with a revolutionary public campaign finance system much like the one adopted in Seattle. This would also address the problem of millionaires buying elections because it would give ordinary people more political power than the new aristocracy lurking in Wall Street’s corporate boardrooms.

There is a lot wrong in America and New Jersey. No greedy Wall Street millionaire is going to make it better for you and your family, so you have a choice to make. I am going to fight back. Are you with me?

In solidarity,