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A place in the woods that finds a place in your heart...

Brian Phillips (right): I love that I feel like I'm 16 years old whenever I'm on the property.

Nancy Easley Faulkner (left): I love seeing current Gravatt photos because they exactly match my camp memories from 35 years ago.

Skipper Brock (right): The thing that I love most has to be the strong friendships that I made when I was on staff. Many of us still keep in contact to this day.There are things that I will never ever forget and that forged me into being the person that I am today. I love reminiscing about all of our adventures when we were on staff. Scotty (brother) and I had the opportunity to share with the staff last year some of the stories. We used them as examples on what to expect to be on staff at this place.

Stephanie Rogers (daughters pictured at left): I love that my girls enjoyed their first year of summer camp there, still talk about it, and can’t wait to come back this summer. The memories they’ll continue to make fill my heart with joy.

Karen Gobbi (St. Peter's Lutheran Church pictured at right): The meals are delicious!

Diana Rambo-Davis (pictured at left): I love the sounds of Gravatt: the wind rustling the trees, the rain falling on a canvas tent or a metal roof, the laughter of children having fun, the singing and guitars of praise music, the insects, and the silence where I hear God speak to me.

Melanie Miller (her staff photo pictured at right): I love the memories I made, the people I met, and that I found summer love that turned into a husband!
We LOVE Gravatt Week is THIS Sunday!
February 10, 2019

Support Gravatt this Sunday any way you can!

  • Post to your social media account(s)
Social media is an excellent way to spread the word about Gravatt. Use your church's social media account once a week, encouraging parents to register their children for a week of camp, sharing experiences from campers from your congregation's experience at camp, or even introducing a member of your congregation that will be on staff this summer. 

  • Donate your offering to the Mac Westmoreland Scholarship Fund
It is our goal to never turn a child away for financial reasons, which is why we award scholarships to those seeking financial support. Encourage anyone who may need help to apply and donate your offering to help send children to camp that may have never had the opportunity.

  • Provide a link to Gravatt's website in your weekly e-newsletter
Give your congregation a direct link to registration by including it in your weekly e-newsletter to make Gravatt as visible as possible.

  • Hold a Gravatt Q&A session for parents who want to know more about the camp experience
Utilize the Gravatt folks in your congregation that can answer questions to encourage those who have questions. 

  • Pray
Most importantly, please offer up your prayers on February 10, prayers for a safe, meaningful summer for all involved: campers, parents, and staff as they prepare for another incredible summer of fun and fellowship.
Shalom Circle Update
Join us as we "slide into summer 2019!"
We have made TREMENDOUS progress on the Shalom Circle 2018-2019 Project through numerous gifts and pledges! If you're interested in helping us complete the project, let us know! Smaller monthly payments quickly add up to large, truly impactful gifts. Join the Shalom Circle this year and join us for the launch party next spring as we prepare to 'slide into summer 2019!'
Deeds and Needs
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters and acknowledge current need.
Deeds: We want to extend a HUGE 'thank you' to those who came out to celebrate an incredible 2018 with us at the Friends of Gravatt Oyster Roast, January 19, 2019. Without the help and support of our generous community, we couldn't continue this incredible mission of outdoor ministry. For your support, we are eternally grateful.

Needs: Under the Tent Ticket Sales are OPEN! We NEED you to buy tickets for you and your family, and spread the word to all your friends! This is the must-attend event of 2019, and we want to see you there!
What coming up at Gravatt?
Thanks for your support!
Tickets on sale now!
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