June 2016
What's New

*New Class*
10:30 am
"Power Flow Yoga"
Laura Aloha

*New Class*
6:30 pm
"Yoga Booty Ballet"
Danielle Cuccio
8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles CA 90048
323) 782-0741

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Greetings Beloved SWERVER,

Summer has begun and I'm for celebrating it! Flowers are blooming all around, fruit is dripping from the vines, trees abound with life force and there's enchantment in the air. The scent of night jasmine on the street corners of Los Angeles is so intoxicating, that you'd better beware as you walk through it (like the poppy fields of Emerald City) or you'll be swept up in a mad flush of lusty kissing!

Peonies are now in season and for such a brief time. I buy bunches of the remaining blooms and leave them at friends' doorsteps or on the SWERVE reception desk (did you notice, we had it adjusted to a correct height?) in an effort to relish each drop of nectar of this glorious sun of the season.

And that's the thing--this blossoming of the moment is so brief. The only way to experience it is in the now. Right now.

So get out there and live, beloved SWERVER! This is your time and you're in bloom too, baby. As the Summer solstice approaches with it's Strawberry Moon, our bodies and inner energies build up readiness, like the ripeness of the fruit and the blossoming of the buds.

We want to celebrate your blossoming at SWERVE, so come see us and bring your sweet nectar along.


Gillian Alexandria Clark


This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
 first-time student
to their first class for only $10.
Expires 6/30/2016. In-person, or sign in advance online.