2017 Wedding Newsletter.  Part 1
In a trend-bucking, simplistic approach.... we offer a few things that might help with planning your event here at Mountain Meadows Lodge.  We recognize that this is a departure from the click-driven provocative-come-ons that show up in your feed or in your InBox every day, but here's hoping that you'll read through this and find some useful information.  Certainly if something you're concerned with is not in this newsletter or in the newsletter archives, please call or email.
New Musician Entry

There's a new addition to the

musicians roster on the wedding services page. If you're considering a small ensemble for your wedding reception, your cocktail hour, or your welcome dinner, please consider Aformal trio.  And here's a link to some of their music samples.


There is a wedding planning document that we use - we populate it with whatever details about your event that we know about.  We’ll pull together items from emails, phone calls and meetings and send this to you 6-8 weeks before your weekend.  We may ask you at that time to fill us in on any missing items and give us early head counts for the meals.  That email will also contain the menu (even if it’s still in draft form), a scan of the rooming list so you can see who has called to book rooms, and the latest run of the estimate.

Let Burlap Be Bygone
 A humble plea from your wedding coordinator

By Lauren Davie Lemieux

We will make your wedding weekend as close to the wedding of your dreams as possible! And because of that we want to point out one trend that tends to make things go awry - it's decorating with moss and pine cones and the like, and that goes for burlap as well. Think little fibers swirling in the air and landing on place settings. Think irritants and allergens bothering your guests’ noses and mussing up wedding attire. So this humble request: please avoid these types of accents and decorations.
Do you have a sound system?
We have a sound system in the bar room that you can plug an i-pod or similar system into. For outdoors, we can rent a sound system for you.

Do you have a steamer for the wedding gown?

Do you have enough parking?
Yes.  We have a lot across the street.  We'll have signs directing guests to this lot.

Can guests park on the grass?
No.  We want the lawn to look spectacular for your wedding and for the wedding after yours.

Do you have valet parking?
No.  We will likely ask the younger folks to park across the street and leave the closer spots for older folks or those with mobility issues.

How does breakfast work?
Breakfast is included in the room rate for anyone staying overnight at Mountain Meadows Lodge.  Those guests staying offsite can join in for breakfast at their own expense or we can add it to your bill.  If additional guests are coming to MML for breakfast we need advance notice of an approximate number of people and how you'd like us to handle the billing.

How can we get numbers for the welcome dinner and for breakfast?
We’ve seen a variety of ways to accomplish this.  They include:
•    An e-vite email
•    A response card in the printed wedding invitations
•    A response form on your wedding web-page
•    Using a sign-up sheet 

How does Friday night ‘flow’? [Note: This means Thursday if you're getting married on Friday, or Saturday, if you're getting married on Sunday.]
A rehearsal is in order.  If your ceremony is on-site, your rehearsal will be held on-site with Lauren, the Mountain Meadows Lodge wedding coordinator, generally at the same time of your ceremony.  [If you’re getting married at a church, your rehearsal will be there, of course.]  Then there is usually a gathering of many of your guests, snacks and bar service.  Oftentimes someone (generally parents of the groom) says welcome and thank-you for coming.  This is followed by a casual meal, such as a cookout at 6:30ish.   Sometimes there is a slide show running and oftentimes the couple present gifts to the wedding party. After that it’s a campfire down at the lake and bar service until whenever.  

My mother has a variety of food allergies and a gluten intolerance (or fill-in-the-blank). Will it be possible to work with the chef to possibly get a few gluten free items available? 
Yes, no problem.  We do it all the time!

The Farm-to-Table menu looks pretty awesome, but I'd also like to consider having Filet Mignon (or fill-in-the-blank) from the Big Deal menu as well as Strawberries and Brie (or fill-in-the-blank) from the Typical Wedding Menu.
No problem.  We'll customize the menu together!

For the "champagne toast" we would like to do kir royales (or fill-in-the-blank)?
No problem! 
Local Craft Brews
If you're planning keg beer, we can highly recommend Long Trail varieties - brewed right down the street.  We have a cold plate for two taps - generally it makes sense to choose a darker beer and a lighter beer.  Two outstanding selections on the lighter side are the Long Trail Summer Ale and Mostly Cloudy. Descriptions are here. When we get closer to wedding season we'll be able to check availability for you on these and on anything else you have in mind.