Bangladesh Women Artists Exhibition at
Rogue Space | Chelsea

July 27-31
Opening Reception, Thursday July 27, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: 10am to 6pm


Please join us for a very special exhibition of Bangladesh women artists Thursday, July 27 from 6-9pm at Rogue Space | Chelsea presented by the Bangladesh Consulate General in New York in association with Gallery 21 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and The New York Art Connection. 

Rogue Foundation, the humanitarian wing supported by Rogue Space | Chelsea is in the planning stages of a children's art project in collaboration with Gallery 21, Dhaka and New York Art connection which will benefit children in need in Dhaka.
Rogue Space and Rogue Foundation

As a socially conscious organization, each show at Rogue Space | Chelsea supports our art projects empowering children in conflict zones around the world through our humanitarian wing Rogue Foundation. Each project brings art supplies to children in need, giving them an opportunity to create, to express, to share and to heal.

Their works are exhibited at Rogue Space | Chelsea and all funds are returned build and equip schools and further their ongoing education and development. Every child experiences their creative act having the positive outcome of an exhibition of their painting in Chelsea, New York and an active hand in their ongoing education.​​​​​​​


Kevin O'Hanlon
Rogue Foundation