Looking for volunteers!

We're working hard to get the new Gresham ReStore opened as quickly as possible. After the floors were stripped and sealed, staff and volunteers began floor striping. Painting the interior and a host of other tasks are on January's to-do list. Want to help? 

We're looking for volunteers to help us with those tasks. You can register
online (link below) to volunteer at the Gresham ReStore, or at ReStores in Portland, Beaverton or Vancouver. 
Gresham wish list: 
We're looking for donations to help outfit the new Gresham ReStore and enable it to operate smoothly:
- 25 grocery style shopping carts (large size)
- 6 door/ window/ sheet carts (2 back room, 4 customer)
- 6 Flat carts:  2-3 very large-6 wheel (2 backroom, 4 customer)
- 3-4 Hand trucks
- 8 Furniture dollies (flat 4 wheel)
- 3 Pallet jacks
If you can help, go to PDXRESTORE.ORG/DONATE or contact Joe Connell: jconnell@pdxrestore.org or 503-209-8236; or Shel Mae Reinwald: shelmae@pdxrestore.org. Thanks!
Colleen O'Toole:
Volunteers are surprised!

When she's out and about speaking to people about how and why to volunteer at The ReStore, Colleen O'Toole is often asked the typical questions...the what, when, wheres and hows of the process. But the number one most frequently asked question she's asked by a ReStore volunteer might surprise you:

It's  "When can I come back?"
Hilton Garden Inn
Super boost 

Furniture is always a great seller in our ReStores, and our individual donors keep us well supplied with it.
But sometimes a business comes along and just blows us away with their generosity. Right now, that business is the Hilton Garden Inn in Beaverton. The residual stream of high quality furniture they are diverting our way is giving our stores a real boost.  
"Undergoing a renovation on all of our guest rooms here at the Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Beaverton, we had a hotel’s worth of furniture that we were replacing for which we needed to find a good home," said Kelsey Gassaway, Hilton's director of sales. 
and the BIG SHARE

A huge thank you goes out this month to long time partner Ferguson Plumbing! We were able to pick up several pallets of brand new bathtubs, shower pans, garbage disposals and miscellaneous. sinks and fixtures for the ReStores.

The donation was so large we had to contact several other ReStores in the region to share in it!
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RESURRECTED: This beauty of a bench was constructed by Jay Losefo, store associate at the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store. Jay (also known for his amazing kalua pork) resurrected a weathered row of hotel seating by stripping it down to the frame then adding salvaged mahogany bed rails to create the sturdy bench.

Crew at the Portland ReStore designed and built their new rustic plank cashwrap, a feature of the updated floor plan layout that includes an expanded furniture vignette section, along with relocation and reorganization of the  lawn and garden, carpet and tile sections.  We hope you'll come check it out often - it's Chilidog approved!
CLOSING EARLY: ReStores in Portland, Beaverton and Vancouver will close at 6pm Friday, January 6.

PORTLAND/METRO EAST: Winter warriors needed! Recent severe winter weather has cost multiple days of important construction time, and your help is needed to meet deadlines and help finish homes for local families. There are many weekday and weekend volunteer opportunities at construction sites available in January.Consider signing up for a build day. To volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East, go to: http://pdxhabitat.volunteerhub.com/SignIn.aspx

Construction teams will begin digging out the foundation on a new triplex-- hopefully in January.  It will be houses #19, 20, and 21 of the 24 home neighborhood.

EVERGREEN:  Evergreen Habitat for Humanity’s 6th Annual Women Build Tea held in December was attended by over 100 people and raised over $14,000. Proceeds will go to benefit Evergreen Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program and be used to build the next home through this program.
Also in January, EHFH will  officially open volunteer days for home construction at McKibbin Commons. To learn more or find out how you can get involved, email Heather Cochrun at volunteer@ehfh.org.
Winter Coat Drive:

We want to thank everyone who donated to the ReStore coat drive this year. By the first week in December we had delivered over 120 coats to the Portland Rescue Mission and Open House Ministries in Vancouver. The final count is not yet in, but we expect to be delivering quite a few more coats later this week. Thanks for keeping the Portland/Vancouver metro area warm this season.
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