2018 Clearwater Triathlon



Dear Clearwater Triathlete,

Our Graniteman Team is ready for this year’s 14th running of the Clearwater Triathlon at Warner Lake Park! The weather looks great for this Saturday! If you are reading this, then you are registered for the race.  All racers are reminded to attend the mandatory race briefing at 8:15 am in front of the stage. We encourage racers to read through the following race rules, procedures, and suggestions.

We will update our webpage (www.granitemantri.com) on Friday evening if there is any further important news. We will also report any weather related delays on our Facebook page in the event they occur. We recommend everyone check it before the race.

If you have any questions on race day, please look for the folks wearing a light blue T-shirt with RACE STAFF printed on the back or anyone wearing a yellow volunteer vest.

See you on Saturday!


Larry Stracke

Race Director


Saturday, July 14th

  • 6:30am Transition Area/Packet Pick Up/Registration/Body Marking Opens
  • 8:15am Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting near the finish line/stage
  • 9:00 am Olympic Race Start at Warner Lake Beach – Waves will begin every 3 minutes
  • 9:20 am Sprint Race Start
  • 12:00 pm Graniteman Awards Ceremony


County Road 75 (Roosevelt Road) from St. Cloud, MN:

Travel to St. Augusta on Stearns County 75. When you come to Stearns County 7 continue south through St. Augusta to Stearns county 44. Travel approximately 2 miles to the intersection of CR44 & CR143, and veer left on CR143. Travel 1 1/2 miles. Warner Lake County Park is located on the right. Look for brown "County Park" signs.

I-94 from Minneapolis, MN:

Take Clearwater exit #178, turn right, going east on state highway 24. Travel about 1/2 mile to Wright county 75 and turn left(north). Travel 1 1/2 miles to Stearns county road 143 and turn left. Travel approximately 1 1/2 to 2 miles on county road 143. Warner Lake county park is located on the left. Look for brown "county park" signs. The "Clearwater KOA" is a landmark.

Google Maps Directions


The parking attendants will direct all triathletes and spectators to a parking location. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON THE MAIN ROAD, COUNTY ROAD 143. Roadways to the grassy parking areas are narrow, so please drive slowly and use caution while following the volunteers’ directions.  Once the race begins, people will be discouraged to leave the park until after the last bike finisher is in.


Your race packet consists of your ankle chip, a race bib number, swim cap, and T-shirt. Packet pick up is Saturday morning from 7:00am until 8:15am. All racers must have a photo ID and pick up their own packet, with the exception of spouses and parents, who may pick up for their spouse/children. Team captains must pick up packets for their entire relay team. Participants must sign a waiver form. A participant under the age of 18 must have an adult sign for them. There are a handful of people who signed up after the June 30 shirt deadline.  Remember that you will not get a shirt before the race, but can stop by afterward and see if we have any left.


If a participant wears compression socks, he/she is to inform those doing the body marking to mark the race information where it is visible above the sock line. Participants must start with their wave, which will be written on their left hand at body marking. Failure to do so will give participants an improper start time and disqualify them from the race. If a participant knows that he/she went out in the wrong wave, then he/she must complete a “change form” at the swim start or at the timer’s table, and turn this in to the timer.


You will receive your timing chip and wristband at body marking (yellow wristband for Sprint & white for Olympic). Only participants with a wristband will be allowed in the transition area after 8:15 a.m. and into the Food Tent. No exceptions!


The transition area opens at 6:00am, but please plan on arriving in the park by no later than 6:15am in order to have adequate time to set up in transition, pick up your packet, get body marked, and be in attendance for the race briefing at 8:15am. Although there will be more than enough bike racks, transition bike racks are available on a first come first serve basis, so come early if you want the best spot. There will be no racks reserved and marked for Relay teams. Only participants with a wristband will be allowed in the bike transition area after 8:15am. Please do not invite family and friends into the bike transition. The transition area is for racers only!


Relay chip exchange for the incoming swimmer and outgoing runner is to take place at the bike rack in the bike transition area.


Yes, both are allowed! IPods, radios, mp3 players, and large boom boxes carried on the shoulder, etc. are allowed on the run, but not the bike. Spectating dogs are to be kept tightly leashed and clear of the immediate race course.


Triathlon is a rain or shine sport, and the race will not be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather. In the event of severe weather, all attempts will be made to delay the race rather than cancel any portion of it. For those racers driving from other areas, keep in mind that we can have drastically different conditions, for the better or worse, than what one might encounter when first waking up at home and selecting clothing. The Warner Lake main building and bathroom facility will be used if an emergency shelter is necessary.


Any helmet sold by a bike shop will comply with certification requirements. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to race without a helmet. The chinstrap must be fastened. All racers must wear the swim caps provided, with the exception being individuals with latex allergies.


Waves are assigned based on age group and created to balance numbers in each wave.

Participants must start with their wave, which will be written on their left hand at body marking. Failure to do so will give participants an improper start time and disqualify them from the race. If a participant knows that he/she went out in the wrong wave, then he/she must complete a “change form” at the swim start or at the timer’s table and turn this in to the timer.

There will be 3 minutes between each heat and will be mixed with males and females.

Heat         Time        Age Group

#1             9:00am    Olympic Relay Teams / 39 and under / Athena & Clydesdales

#2             9:03am    Olympic 40 and Up

#3             9:20am    Sprint 29 & Under

#4             9:23am    Sprint 30-39 & Athena & Clydesdales

#5             9:26am    Sprint 40-49

#6             9:29am    Sprint 50 & Up

#7             9:32am    Sprint Relay Teams


Bring extra sandals or shoes to walk to the swim start!

There will be a barrel at the swim start marked with the wave number. Participants can place their footwear in the numbered barrel that matches their wave number. Barrels will be at the finish line so participants can pick up their footwear after they have finished the race. The barrel is not for shoes that will be used for the run leg of the triathlon.

SWIM COURSE                                                                                     

There will be a large number of certified lifeguards as well as many other volunteers on boards, kayaks, and paddle boats. Swimmers are encouraged to approach any of these if they become anxious or tired, and will be allowed to hang on to rest. However, swimmers cannot move forward while resting on a flotation device or will be disqualified. Swimmers may also swim to the shoreline and stand up to rest, but cannot walk forward or will be disqualified. If a lifeguard or boater thinks a swimmer is struggling and has concern for his/her safety, they do have the authority to pull him/her from the race. If a swimmer is in trouble he/she is to remove their swim cap and wave it in the air (we use this as a universal sign of distress) and a lifeguard or boat support will assist. If a swimmer wishes to pull out of the swim, he/she is to remove their swim cap and will be taken to shore where he/she must surrender their chip, but may continue racing without their timing chip. If registered, and a participant decides not to swim, he/she is to report to a Race Official. The Race Official will have the participant complete a “change form” and then wait at the swim exit and continue with the participants in their wave as they begin to exit the lake. When coming out of the water, participants will run the chute to the bike transition area.

The water temperature as of this week Tuesday, July 4 was a very comfortable 70 degrees. It is recommended that participants get in the water and swim a short distance prior to their race to acclimate themselves to the water temperature. Wetsuits are allowed.


The bike course is an open course, meaning that participants must share the roadway with vehicle traffic. It is critical for bikers to stay to the far right and only ride two abreast when passing. Drafting is prohibited. The bike course is well marked on the ground and with volunteers. Please see the website for a viewable a course map. The Olympic bike course is two laps. A large map of the course will be posted near the large shelter and a copy will be available at registration. Please mount/dismount the bike in the appointed areas outside the transition area. Participants are responsible for their ultimate safety and bike at their own risk.


There will be two sag support vehicles providing transportation back to the transition area. Additionally there will be mechanics available in the transition area. However, participants are to keep in mind that a sag wagon may not able to reach everyone promptly depending on the number of bicyclist needing assistance. Be patient as our sag support crew will get to you as soon as they can. Sag wagons will not make repairs, but will bring racers back to the transition area.


The run course is 3.1 (Sprint) and 6.2 miles (Olympic) out and back. The first and last mile is on the Warner Lake Park trail, which is dirt, sand, and grass. All other miles are run on the paved roadway.


Volunteers will be holding up stop signs to stop vehicle traffic for the safety of our racers on both the bike and run courses. These are not intended for racers to stop.


Several porta-potties will be located near the swim chute. Two porta-potties will be located at the start of the swim course by the Warner Lake beach and one at mile 1 of the run. 


There will not be a water station on the bike course. All athletes are encouraged to start out with a full bike bottle. There will be a water station at mile 1 and 2 for the Sprint and Olympic run, and at the 10K turnaround, mile 4 and 5 for the Olympic run. Mile 1 will also offer PowerAde. Water will be available in the bike transition area to fill water bottles if needed.


There will be a great spread of post race recovery food available, which is for registered participants only. Participants must have their wristband on to be served at the Food Tent. Respectfully, please do not share the participant food and refreshments with friends, family, or spectators so that we do not run out for our racers.


There will be awards for all age groups in 5 year increments. All racers are encouraged to stay for the awards ceremony starting at 12:00pm in front of the stage. All age group winners must be present to claim their prize and have their photo taken for the website.


Find a Race Official for any key questions, as many volunteers may not be fully briefed to answer your question. Race Officials will be wearing a blue T-shirt with Graniteman Staff on the front and RACE OFFICIAL on the back. Please remember to take a moment to thank our wonderful hardworking volunteers as they are the ones who make this event possible.


If you need it, medical personnel will be on hand to help whether it is a Band-Aid, an ice pack, or an emergency. They will be located in a red tent at the finish line that is clearly marked with a large VOLUNTEER teardrop banner.


Race results will be posted in the park. Live Results during and just after the race can be found at www.mtecresults.com


Below is a sample checklist of things to bring to a triathlon.

What to Bring

Bike Shoes


Running Shoes

Bike water bottle


Swim goggle


Body glide/Vaseline

Tire Pump


Tri suit

Spare Tube

Tools to repair tire

Sunscreen (waterproof)

Plastic Garbage Bag (cover shoes if raining)


What to Do Before Leave Home

Clean bike & chain

Charge Garmin

Air in Tires

What to Check (Race Day)

Tire air pressure

Bike in correct gear

Tires and Brakes not rubbing

Helmet in correct position

Body Glide/Vaseline on Ankles, Legs

Body Glide on shoes

Good luck and have a fantastic Graniteman Experience!