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Volume 6 Issue 1
January 2013

In This Issue
The Rift
Five Youth Coaching Sins
Three Tips for Blame Game
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

As we plan for the upcoming spring and fall seasons, CoachDeck has resolved to bring you the most useful products, services and information to allow youth league coaches and administrators to do what they do best: Create a great experience for young athletes!

In this issue: We welcome new contributor, Tony Earp who, in the first of three parts, explains ways to work with the natural friction between coaches and parents.

Brian Gotta describes five mistakes youth coaches often make. And John Ellsworth is back with a terrific article which will help athletes take responsibility for setbacks.

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Soccer Innovations
The Rift Tony Earp
By Tony Earp (Part one of three)

If you are around youth soccer long enough, you will certainly hear a coach complain about a parent or a parent complain about a coach. This is not news and everyone has accepted this is a part of youth soccer. Read Article
Sports Signup
Brian GottaFive Youth Coaching Sins
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

There are many mistakes - big and small - made by youth sports coaches everywhere. But here are five in particular that seem to be some of the most common traps we fall into.
Read Article

Hot Spots
Three Tips to Win at the Blame Game John Ellsworth
By John Ellsworth

After a tough loss or even a big win where your sports kid makes a few errors, what habits and behaviors do they exhibit after the game. Do they blame the loss or errors on external factors like the condition of the field, the officials, crowd noise, or the opposing team? Read Article
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