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Sechel: Wisdom Beyond Experience
 The Message of Christ
Sechel (Say- hel ) arose from the Jewish tradition that nurtured Jesus in his formative years, before he started to transform the world through his message.

      The Summary
To continue the spirit of Sechel, Jewish tradition allows the passing of the wisdom of the older generation through an ethical will, a concept that enables innovation to transcend generations.
                                       What you will Learn
You will learn how to incorporate sechel in your day to day affairs of your life, a gift that you can give yourself during this holiday season.
The Wisdom Beyond Experience
 It surpasses learned behaviors and helps us change them. With it, we can look beyond  preconceived notions of how things are, and how we believe they should be.
 We discover new capacities within ourselves and unlearn habits that block our ability.”
 Brian Babcock, a life coach, in his web post, Dare to Ask: Why Not? Says that ‘There is a wisdom that transcends learned behaviors. He describes it as
  Sechel (say-hel)
  A Hebrew word that points to wisdom beyond experience.
A proponent of wisdom beyond experience wrote:
“Come to the edge,” he said. They said, “We are
afraid. “Come to the edge,” he insisted.
They came, he pushed them, and they flew.”
– Guillaume Apollinaire

Story of a modern proponent of Sechel:
Howard Schultz
As recounted by Rabbi Jason Gelber, in his article, “Taking the Risk for Greatness,” The wisdom of Sechel manifested itself in the genius of Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbuck  Schultz scaled the next peak by letting go of the security of the ground underneath; that is, his job as a vice president of Hammarplast, a Swedish manufacturer of kitchen wares. One fateful day Schultz traveled to Seattle to meet with clients who had ordered a special coffee grinder. Schultz was so impressed with their coffeehouse that he wanted to take it across America in the style of coffeehouses he had seen in Italy. After opening his own coffeehouse, he was an instant success. The rest is history.

Proponents of Sechel in the not-too-distant past:
Mahatama Gandhi
Gandhi’s inspiration came from another spiritual leader of biblical times—Jesus Christ, who similarly mobilized the masses to free his people from the mighty Roman Empire. Eventually, the movement he started engulfed the Roman Empire as the Roman emperors ​​​​​​​ embraced Christianity, When the odds were overwhelmingly against him, in his efforts to free India from British rule, Gandhi tapped into the wisdom beyond experience to mobilize the masses in nonviolent protests, thereby attaining freedom from the mighty British Empire.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. King used similar strategies in U.S. to free his people from the bondage of discrimination. It is an obscure fact of history that before Dr. King started his movement, he traveled to India to learn about the Gandhian techniques of nonviolent agitation.
Martin Luther King Jr. transformed the landscape in his country by drawing inspiration from Gandhi. King’s nonviolent protests were instrumental in the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Forty-eight years later, the United States elected its first black president.
Sechel: The Message of Christ
The Transformative Power of Sechel
The nonviolent revolutions in the history of mankind are testimonials to the power of Sechel. Awakening this vital energy for transformation can be enhanced by developing Sechel This enables us to think in innovative ways to inculcate this valuable asset.
When fully developed, Sechel will enable you to align your words and actions with your inner values, persist in accomplishing your goals, be gracious in giving credit where it is due, and recognize the equality of value in all human beings.
Pastor Schuler
 the originator of the term possibility thinking.said that
Sechel promotes Possibility Thinking
(Thinking outside the box)
One becomes open to think in innovative ways,
and receptive to all ideas
without judgment, and consider all alternatives.

Some Guidelines for Attaining the Vision of Sechel
Emotional stability can prepare you to obtain
the vision of wisdom beyond the experiences of daily life.

 Aim at targets that others fail to see, opening new vistas.
Be hard on issues and soft on people.
Learn, listen, and act judiciously.
Get feedback and act on it.
Use the language of achievement.
Be authentically confident.
Find a passion and act on it.
Emulate someone who has inspired you.
See each challenge as an opportunity for growth. 

Sechel: the Wisdom beyond Experience, expands our awareness,
which in moments of reflection can turn adaptive experiences
into transformational change, leaving a lifelong imprint on our lives.
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