December 21, 2016
Dear Advent Members and Friends,

As we prepare to receive the most precious gift of Jesus, and as we offer our Christmas gifts to loved ones. I want to take a moment to say thank you for your gifts to Advent this year of time, talent and money. The mission of Advent is broad and deep, both within the church and beyond our walls. We have shared together in worship, prayer, education and celebrations of baptisms, confirmations, house blessings and weddings. We have monthly fed our neighbors a hot homemade lunch and sent hundreds of bags of groceries home to fill empty cabinets. Music has rung out from our walls. Children have received afterschool homework support. Immigrants have received legal support. Grants money from the Mission Fund has spread across the globe. This is a quick look at the gifts of ministry we have shared with each other, our neighbors, and the world.

Please consider a special end-of-the-year gift to Advent that supports these and many more gifts of our ministry. Your donations are critical in this time of transition.

Merry Christmas. May you receive the gift of Jesus with joy.


Pastor Ann Tiemeyer
Interim Senior Pastor
Advent Lutheran Church
Give an end-of-the-year gift
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