November 11, 2016
Looking Forward:

No Fracked Gas in Mass and our parent organization, Berkshire Environmental Action Team are co-sponsoring and participating in a conference coming up on December 3rd in Boston - Building Our Movements in Dangerous Times.

Throughout the pipeline fight, we’ve been aware that our movement, like so many others, is reliant on intersectional justice on so many fronts - economic, environmental, and across all racial, gender, generational and other issues. Now, more than ever, we need to strengthen solidarity between multiple movements.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in our fight in whatever way you can, by helping spread the word, taking action, or help funding our efforts. Please know that we have been alongside with other organizations all along: StopNED, MassPLAN, NH-PLAN, PLAN-NE, StopNY Fracked Gas Pipeline, S.T.O.P., Mass Power Forward, Clean Water Action, Toxics Action Center, multiple nodes of 350-MA, Climate Action Now, Consumers for Sensible Energy, Food and Water Watch, Mt. Grace Land Trust and so many more.

These networks are strong and will continue as we go forward in opposing the four remaining pipeline projects and other fossil fuel infrastructure here in the Northeast, and help advise and support others across the country, including the Dakota Access (DAPL) fight. But we see this upcoming conference and the likely additional challenges ahead as an opportunity to form new alliances across even more fronts.

To help out the Standing Rock fight against DAPL, visit our Supply Run page (if you’re organizing a support effort, let us know so we can list it!) or check out the Red Warrior Camp Supply list.


• We have received word that Kinder Morgan will NOT be at the Sandisfield Conservation Commission meetings for the rest of the year, due to delays in the project pending court actions. Thanks to everyone who came to witness meetings with Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas officials. We’ll keep you posted on when they’re on the agenda again.

• We strongly encourage the people of CT to continue demanding that the new Comprehensive Energy Strategy, not include any programs for fossil fuel expansion, and focus on efficiency and renewable energy. Given DEEP’s recent discontinuation of taking Request For Proposals for gas projects to address electric generation because of lack of support in neighboring states, we believe this may not be a hard call for them to make. Still, let them know for sure that clean energy and efficiency instead of fossil fuel programs like gas for home heating are the choice of the people. Lack of incentive to convert homes to natural gas could eliminate the market for the CT Expansion pipeline.
Access Northeast gas pipeline delayed to 2019
Argus Media, November 2, 2016

Spectra Energy will likely have to delay its Access Northeast natural gas pipeline project expansion until 2019 or later, executives said during an earnings call today.

The midstream company originally expected the 894mn cf/d (25mn m³/d) project to come on line in the fourth quarter of 2018, providing fuel to powerplants throughout New England. But recent rulings by states in New England have put a roadblock in place for the project, Spectra chief executive Gregory Ebel said during a third quarter earnings call today.

A top court in Massachusetts found in August that a plan that would allow local electric utilities to sign contracts for pipeline capacity conflicted with a law that deregulated the state’s electric market. New Hampshire utility regulators last month reached a similar ruling, and a Connecticut state agency in October cancelled a request for proposals it issued for the project. Without those local utility contracts, the project might not be financially viable.

The rulings lead Spectra to shift its focus, president of US transmission Bill Yardley said. Some electric distribution companies that are legally permitted to have stuck by the project, “but at the same time there’s a lot of unmet local distribution company load,” he said.

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Spectra Not Giving Up on Access Northeast, Now Turning to LDCs
Joe Fisher, Natural Gas Intelligencer November 2, 2016

Spectra Energy Partners LP management is rethinking the Access Northeast project, with plans to add local distribution companies (LDC) to its customer mix after some New England states have effectively nixed contracts with electric distribution companies (EDC). The company also might pursue a legislative fix in at least one state.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut have all prevented EDCs from contracting for natural gas pipeline capacity and passing costs on to ratepayers (see Daily GPI, Oct. 27). Spectra said Wednesday that it and its Access Northeast partners — Eversource Energy and National Grid — “…are extremely disappointed by some of the recent actions by certain New England states.”

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Spectra requests to put W. Roxbury lateral and M&R in service
November 10, 2016

“Algonquin hereby requests authorization from the Director of the Office of Energy Projects (“OEP”) by November 28, 2016 to place into service the AIM Project facilities for the West Roxbury Lateral and associated new meter station, including approximately 4.1 miles and 0.8 miles of 16-inch-diameter and 24-inch-diameter pipeline, respectively, in Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, MA, the West Roxbury Meter Station in Suffolk County, MA and other appurtenant facilities.”

» See letter submitted to FERC
Lynch Calls on FERC to Halt Pipeline Projects in West Roxbury and Weymouth Following Pipeline Explosions
Nov 2, 2016

BOSTON, MA – In the wake of the recent fatal pipeline explosion in Alabama, Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D-Boston) called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to halt the permitting process and construction for the proposed Spectra pipelines in West Roxbury and Weymouth, Massachusetts. In a letter to FERC Chairman Norman Bay, Congressman Lynch highlighted the serious public safety risks of placing a natural gas pipeline in densely populated areas such as West Roxbury and Weymouth.

“I am deeply concerned about this week’s tragic pipeline explosion in Alabama and I believe that FERC needs to take action to ensure that proper safety measures are in place to protect local communities from the dangers of these pipelines. We are witnessing significant damage from pipeline incidents in more remote areas across the country. In the wake of these accidents, it is unimaginable that FERC would proceed with approval for pipelines in more densely populated areas,” said Congressman Lynch.

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More news about Spectra’s AIM Pipeline available on

OpEd: Berkshire Gas must widen supply options
By KATHRYN EISEMAN November 02, 2016

Questionable business decisions led to the Berkshire Gas Co.’s moratorium on new and expanded service in the Pioneer Valley.

The company then put on blinders against any way to end the moratorium other than Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline. Our communities would be wise not to accept Berkshire Gas’ latest vision of the paths forward to end the moratorium: the company’s tunnel vision leaves too many options unexplored and too many questions unanswered.

The two options to lift the moratorium that Berkshire Gas now puts on the table are in fact intended to allow the company to more than double the amount of gas it sells in the Pioneer Valley.

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More news about the Berkshire Gas Moratorium available on


New England says no to natural gas,
yes to renewables

by Rod Kuckro, E&E reporter
October 27, 2016

“A pair of decisions in New England on Tuesday may help clarify where the region is heading when it comes to its energy future.”

So, there were two good decisions Tuesday: No gas for Connecticut AND yes to wind & solar for MA/CT/RI’s Clean Energy RFP (with no Northern Pass):
“In Connecticut, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection called off its procurement of more natural gas, a move that could spell the end of Spectra Energy Corp.’s Access Northeast project and efforts by regional leaders to increase the amount of natural-gas-fired electric generation capacity.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island on Tuesday selected seven solar and wind projects totaling 460 megawatts in response to the three states’ New England Clean Energy Request for Proposals announced last year. The next step is to negotiate contracts by mid-January for the power from each project.

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Connecticut DEEP Announces Action on Energy Procurement RFPs: Natural Gas RFP Canceled Clean Energy Projects Selected to Move to Next Stage
October 26, 2016

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) today announced a series of actions related to three Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the procurement of energy resources that can help to reduce our dependence on natural gas generation, and keep the state on track to meet our commitments to reduce carbon emissions and support renewable generation.

Trump Victory Renews Keystone XL Pipeline Fight
Climate Nexus, November 10, 2016

On Wednesday, the Canadian Press reported, "TransCanada Corp. says it's evaluating ways to engage the newly elected Donald Trump administration on the potential benefits of the Keystone XL pipeline. Company spokesman Mark Cooper said Wednesday that TransCanada remains fully committed to building the controversial project that U.S. President Barack Obama rejected last year."

Trump Wins, Renewable Energy Investments Lose and Dirty Energy Stocks Surge
Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
November 9, 2016

As Bloomberg warned in its report, "the swing foretells a story of fossil fuels making a comeback, while the fight against climate change—and investment in wind and solar power—languishes."

Our president-elect—who literally said "the wind kills all your birds" and solar is "not working so good"—has made no bones about his support of dirty energy, from his ties to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline to his pledge to bring back the dirtiest fuel on the planet, coal.

The U.S. wind power industry is "bracing itself for an uncertain future following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency," staff from Wind Power Monthly wrote in a column today. The publication quoted Trump's plans to "unleash America's $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves."

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Featured Events
Check No Fracked Gas in Mass' Events page for updates.
15036474_927401450726589_5343271843577995959_n Upcoming Events-Nov 12-29
Attend any event in any town that meets your schedule. All events are held at disabled friendly locations.

INTERACTIVE FORUM (90 min.): Learn about the Solarize Mass program, solar installation costs, tax incentives and income based loan supports. Sign up for a FREE Site Assessment.

EVENT IS FREE! Light refreshments will be served. In Worthington, a light dinner is offered. Food allergy? Tell us ahead of time.

NON VIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TRAINING. We need a minimum of 30 folks to sign up for this to run and we are especially reaching out to college age folks (but of course not only) ALL WELCOME. The full-day training has lots of interactive opportunities including a long role play simulation of an actual action. Sugar Shack will also help you form or find an Affinity Group which will be necessary to participate in a non-violent direct action where we are intentionally risking arrest, and, to be part of the decision-making process of the Alliance.
There is no charge, but we do pass a hat to cover costs of materials, gas and time for the trainers and the space rental fee. Folks usually throw in from $5 to $20 each.
TO REGISTER: Contact and you must put “NVDA” in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation letter with more information before the training. Hope to see you there! And please share this message.
9:30 TO 5:30
Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst
121 North Pleasant Street Amherst,

MA TUESDAY — NOVEMBER 15, 2016 — CONCORD, MA 14876577_10154682405097708_1895442954867887211_o

#noDAPL Solidarity Action at Army Corps of Engineers - The movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline is growing stronger by the day, and it’s time for all of us to rise up and play a role in this fight. Join us to call on President Obama to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the permits for this dirty oil pipeline. This day of action is part of a broader call to action happening across the country targeting decision makers & stakeholders at every level. By gathering at the Army Corps of Engineers offices across the country, we hope to call attention to the brave water and land protectors at Standing Rock and encourage President Obama to stop the pipeline. Let us know you're coming -- sign up on this page to receive action updates. Please bring art and banners.
12:00 PM
US Army Corps New England District Office
696 Virginia Road
Concord, MA
Host Contact Info: Resist the Pipeline (

Talk on Sacred Stone Camp Experience. Brian Trautman will report on his October 12-17, 2016 experiences as he stayed at Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin Camp, which is next door to the Sacred Stone Camp located ON the reservation. He was there to lend his support as a representative of Veterans For Peace in solidarity with the resistance. Brian will include relevant video material with his discussion of his experiences and what they meant to him. Brian is a National Board Member of Veterans For Peace. He also teaches Peace Studies and Economics at Berkshire Community College. This presentation could not be more timely.
7:30 PM
Unitarian Universalist Church
175 Wendell Ave.
Pittsfield, MA

People's Hearing Investigating FERC - We The People are holding hearings to investigate the abuses of power and law being inflicted by FERC in communities across America. We will invite elected and newly elected members of Congress and the press to come hear about the abuses FERC is heaping on our communities. Will you be among those to testify and bear witness to the abuses of FERC?

If you are interested in submitting testimony, testifying or attending this People’s Hearing into abuses by FERC please fill out this google form:

What: Every day there is a new example of how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is abusing its power and the law in its biased reviews of fracked gas pipelines and its disregard of the rights of people, states and regulatory agencies:
--> Aggressive use of the power of eminent domain;
--> Stripping states of their legal authority by leap frogging over it;
--> Creating legal loopholes that put people in legal limbo, unable to challenge pipelines in court before FERC sends them in to construction;
--> False public hearings that divide and conquer communities;
--> Commissioners who approve projects that will benefit them personally;
--> Supporting pipeline and consultant self-dealing;
--> Never saying no;
--> Never forcing compliance with community protection laws as projects proceed through construction;
--> And on and on and on .....
Sign up to Join us:
11:30 AM - 4:30 PM
National Press Club
529 14th St NW, 13th Floor
Washington DC

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