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Dear --FNAME--,

Things looks bleak if you think they do. Things look great and feel wonderful if that's the attitude you take. The world is reflected and out-pictured by virtue of the way we think and the projection of our attitudes.

We all crave the feeling of abundance, peace, well-being and happiness and these are entirely available to us through our inner world. Our thoughts make up much of the inner world and our thoughts can be totally shifted.

The world of matter is created by our thoughts, through our actions and we can make manifest the details of our lives through our choices.

My best friend, Teigh Gilson will lead a manifestation workshop on Saturday that will walk you through the perspective shift you're needing. Her work is powerful and healing. Sign up today and begin your shift. What you are seeking is also seeking you.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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Expires 10/7/2017. In-person, or sign in advance online.