March 15, 2018
Week 4, Day 4
"Fasting" from: Unsustainable Food Products | Some strategies: try a vegetarian diet, eat less meat, buy & eat locally grown foods

Are you sure you know what GMOs are? If you're like me, you might nod to that question in public but really, you're not.

Luckily, we have Zella, an Advent member who is studying nutrition and food science. In today's devotion video, she breaks down GMOs, biodiversity, and how these are linked to caring for the earth and nourishing all people.

Turns out, GMOs will not give you a third arm, they do have several harmful effects on the sustainability of farming practices -- oh, and, we might lose all the bananas. Hope you didn't like those. Just kidding (sort of). Enjoy the video.


Monday's Video
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Have you visited your "wilderness place" lately? (If you're just joining us, it's a peaceful place outside you can revisit to rest, meditate, pray, or play during Lent.) Go there today, or plan your next 15-minute visit.
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