Volume 12, Issue 6
June, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

How many volunteer coaches do you have who are "scared to death" about this coming fall season? They know they don't have time to memorize elaborate training plans, but they still want to make practices fun and educational. That's when they need a CoachDeck!

In this issue:
Bruce Brownlee contributes an article detailing the proper mindset needed to coach and play a common defense. Brian Gotta has observed some very young players on the field and wonders if it might be hurting them in the long run. And John O'Sullivan returns with an absolutely fantastic perspective on coaching and parenting athletes.

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Teaching the Flat Back Four
By Bruce Brownlee

Players will look at the flat back 4 as 1v1 marking. This will create dangerous space behind the defender furthest from the ball, who will get caught ball watching. It will also leave space open at the top of the penalty area when defenders track opponents away and Midfielders don't cover. 1v1 thinking will also take away second defender support near the ball. Read Article
The Risk of Starting Too Soon
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

As you probably know, we at CoachDeck are huge proponents of kids playing sports, whenever and wherever they can. And, generally speaking, as long as we are talking about recreational sports, I'd encourage kids to play at an early age. But after walking past my local youth baseball fields several times this spring, I'm beginning to wonder if starting too early might not be detrimental. Read Article
Don't Steal the Reps From Your Athletes
By John O'Sullivan

Imagine you went to your child’s algebra class and got to be a fly on the wall. Imagine the teacher was being assessed on your child’s test results in two days. Now imagine that instead of teaching your child how to problem solve, and the concepts behind doing algebra problems, she just took out the answer key and said “here are all the answers. Read Article