CIRCLE V with Ray Lopez

What do horses, bows and arrows, swimming and having a good time have to do with God?

In this interview, Ray Lopez, Camp Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Camp near Santa Barbara, explains how young people who have never had a camping experience learn so much in this summer program.
Ray went with Fr. Mike to Smokey Mountain in the Philippines about ten years ago. He says that it really changed his life. Now he works with kids who come from difficult situations. This summer camp helps them grow in self-esteem while having good old fashioned fun and really finding out that God loves them. Some of them have never been outside their own homes, let alone do the wonderful activities that are available to them. 

The theme of the first day is GDMJ – God Doesn’t Make Junk. This is re-enforced each day with activities, as well as the role modeling of the devoted counselors. Ray also tells moving personal stories of two of the campers.

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In the Old Testament, we find a woman who can stand up in the midst of men and become a military leader. Imagine that!

In this program, Fr. Mike tells the history of Deborah , the first female leader of the Jewish people. She was a counselor, judge and commander-in-chief. Quite a woman!

 Fr. Mike gives the history and background and then moves on to what her story has to say to us today. Why do men resist women leaders?  He then talks about the anima and animus that each of us has, according to the psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Each male has an anima side – the feminine; each woman an animus- the male side. We need to develop the opposite in each of us. If this were true of all, perhaps it would be easier to accept women leaders.
"Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are
the morning's yawn!"   Lewis Grizzard​​​​​​​

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