February 27, 2018
Week 2, Day 1
"Fasting" from: Plastic | Some strategies: reusable bags, reusable water bottle, say "no" to plastic bags, straws, lids, etc.

Good morning, carbon fasters. Hope you remembered your reusable bag and water bottle today! In addition to lowering your carbon emissions, the animals of the world will thank you.

In today's devotion video, I sit down with Advent member Jon Dohlin to talk about how plastics harm global wildlife, and why our choices make a difference. Jon is Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Director of the New York Aquarium, so it's no surprise he has a passion for this topic.

I hope Jon's account does not dishearten you, but instead inspires you to take bolder actions. Could you give up plastics more completely than you have been so far? Beyond this week, is there a plastic product you could give up -- for good? Think about it.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-15 minutes

Art project! Find a plastic item sitting around in your home, or currently in your recycling bin, and find a way to turn it into art, or repurpose it to be useful again in your home. (Paint, glue, markers, scissors . . . basically all craft supplies work well for this.)

Keep it on display in your home as a reminder of the permanence of plastics (they will take longer than our lifetimes, hundreds of years to decompose). We are stuck with the plastics we produce and consume -- for a while.

Daily Question
What's an animal you love and want to protect? What's an animal you don't really care for, but still should protect? Share your answer in our Facebook group >

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