St. Thomas of Canterbury
Episcopal Church

Canterbury Communications
Week of June 10, 2018--CORRECTED

From the Rector

Beloved of God,

Is it Monday or what??? I accidentally hit "send" before I was finished editing this week's newsletter.  Extra credit for everyone who noticed!

Last week was inspiring, as members from at least 6 Episcopal churches in the ABQ area (Canterbury, St. Mark's, St. Michael's, St. Chad's, St. Francis, and the Cathedral) joined forces to "proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ" with a fabulous week of Vacation Bible School and a strong presence at the ABQ PRIDE parade & picnic.  Our witness is so much stronger when we work together!

Those of you who have been around for a while can attest to the fact that these collaborative efforts proclaim a New Story in the Diocese of the Rio Grande. The Old Story of isolation and mutual distrust in our diocese is being transformed into a New Story of cooperation, trust, and mutual support.  

What other Old Stories are awaiting transformation--in your life, in our congregation, in our world? What is the New Story God is calling us to claim and proclaim?


Enjoy and share...

  • THIS WEEK'S SERMON- Stomp a Snake/Proclaim a New Creation a Story
  •  Questions for further prayer and reflection this week:
  • Spend the week noticing--when does the snake pop up?  When does the voice of accusation, fear, blame, or shame show up within or around you?
  • How might you choose (claim and proclaim) a new story of hope, humility, and right responsibility to replace the inherited story of fear, shame, and blame?  

Read Ruth Meredith's Blog Post: Art & Spirituality: Mandalas as Sacred Geometry

In person at Canterbury and on facebook live at:

For a complete list of scheduled events at the church, including weekly 12 step meetings and outside groups, visit our Church Calendar Page

Tuesday, June 12th
7PM Contemplative Prayer (Upstairs Office C, contact Larry Malick)

Wednesday, June 13th
11AM Intercessory Prayer (Offsite, contact Warren Smith)
5PM Luther-bury Dinner & Bible Study (Luther House)

Sunday, June 17th
9AM Gospel of John Study w/Warren Smith (Library)
9AM "How to talk to strangers (& friends): Part  2" w/Shelley (Parish Hall)
11:30AM "How to talk to strangers (& friends):Part 2" w/Shelley (Parish Hall)

Friday, June 22
5:30PM Medicine Drum Circle (Atrium)
5:30PM St. Martin's Prep Party (Parish Hall/Kitchen, Contact Eileen Lambert)

Saturday, June 23
Canterbury Spiritual Retreat Day
(Exploring the Gospel of John and the gifts of Joy & Unity)
8:30AM-12:30PM  Morning Art Retreat (Creating Mandalas w/Ruth Meredith and members of Canterbury's Camino group. Teens & Adults welcome. )
1:30PM-5:30 PM Afternoon Prayer Retreat (With Shelley Drake. Adults only.) 

Sunday, June 24th
8AM Canterbury serves breakfast at St. Martin's
9AM Gospel of John Study w/Warren Smith (Library)

Friday, June 29th; 6:30PM Canterbury Game Night

Sunday, July 1st
9AM Men's Group (Library, Contact Fritz Frurip)
9AM Becoming Beloved Community at Canterbury (Parish Hall, Contact Shelley Drake) 

  • July 20-22: Canterbury Camino Mountain Retreat (July 21st "Parallel" Prayer Retreat at Canterbury): Exploring the Gospel of Matthew and the Spiritual Challenge of Change
  • August 3 & 31: Board Game Nights at Canterbury
  • August 10 & 11: Canterbury Rummage Sale (Fundraiser)
  • August 18: Canterbury Spiritual Retreat Day (Art & Prayer Retreat exploring the Gospel of Mark & Suffering)
CANTERBURY NEWS                  

    Monthly Treasurer's Report
    Our finances continue to look healthy at Canterbury in 2018.  We continue to run a surplus budget (which can be accounted for by a few new pledges as well as several pledges which have been pre-paid for the entire year.)  Your faithful stewardship makes ministry at Canterbury possible!  Thank you for your generosity.

    CURRENT YEAR: As of 5/31/2018

    Income Year to Date - $84,132.59

    Expenses Year to Date - $73,439.98

    Excess – $10,892.61



    PRIOR YEAR (As of 5/31/2017)

    Income Year to Date - $77,179.31

    Expenses Year to Date - $66,133.00

    Excess - $11,046.31


    Canterbury's June Retreat
    The Gospel of John: How do we receive joy & unity?
    Saturday, June 23rd
     8:30AM-12:30PM,  Part 1: Art Retreat w/Ruth Meredith
    1-5PM, Part 2: Spiritual Deepening w/Shelley Drake

    Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life.- Pema Chodron

    On Saturday June 23rd, Canterbury member Ruth Meredith will be offering workshops in creating drawn mandalas.  The morning workshop (for Camino folks and anyone else who is interested) will be held from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Church.   The afternoon workshop and will run from 1 PM to 5 PM will be co-taught by Shelley with an emphasis on spiritual issues for older members.  Participants will need to bring scissors (heavy enough to cut card stock), a pencil, a 12" ruler and an eraser.   They also need to bring their choice of coloring materials: markers, colored gel pens, color pencils, crayons, or watercolors.  No previous art experience or even belief in your own creativity is required for these workshops.  If you can use a pair of scissors, a pencil and make choices, you can learn to create your own personal mandala.  Click here to read Ruth's Latest Blog on Mandalas as Sacred Geometry.

    Serve the Hungry at St. Martins/Hopeworks
    "Prep Party" at Canterbury, Friday, June 22nd at 5:30PM
    Serving at St Martins, Sunday, June 24th at 8AM
    On Sunday, June 24 we will be serving bruch down at St. Martins.  In this warm weather, we will be handing out a cold meal of sandwiches, fruit, chips, granola bars, milk and juice.  We invite you to sign up to serve down at St. Martins, or to donate cold cuts, sliced cheese, one gallon cans of fruit, personal-sized bags of chips, SOFT or CHEWY granola bars, juice or milk.  Please see the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in Becket Hall.  Note:  there is a new policy at St. Martins - volunteers are required to submit a written liability waiver prior to working on site.  There are waiver forms posted next to the sign up sheet.  If you volunteer to serve please fill out a waiver ahead of time and bring it with you on the 24th. We will be having a sandwich preparation party in Becket Hall on Friday the 22nd. Details and a sign up sheet will follow. Please contact Eileen Lambert at 265-2269 or at if you have questions or would like additional information.

    Canterbury Game Night
    Friday, June 29th 6:30-8:30PM
    Are you looking for a partner or group to play your favorite board game with? Canterbury is hosting a game night for all ages on Friday, June 29 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Bring a game to share, or just come and join the fun. Light refreshments will be provided. Contact Krissy Lauer.

    10AM Sunday Coffee Hour: Changes are HERE!

    Changes are coming to Coffee Time after the 10:00 AM Sunday service. We are modifying the way coffee hour is hosted.  Instead of one person signing up for the entire hosting and snack responsibilities each week, we will be dividing the food into three parts:  VEGGIE (vegetable or fruit snack for example); SAVORY (cheese & crackers, hummus or dip & chips, sausage); and SWEET (cookies, pastries, etc.).  You can sign up for one of these items on any given Sunday, or all three if you prefer the current coffee hour format.  We are encouraging one of the people who signs up each week to also sign up for “LEADER” – this will be the person who coordinates the overall coffee hour service on a particular day.  A huge Coffee Hour thanks to Susan Patrick – although the coffee hour host is responsible for cleaning up their prep and serving dishes, their utensils and work space, Susan has volunteered to wash the coffee hour plates and cups on any Sunday that she is in town. The new Coffee Hour format will begin on June 3, and there is a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board in Becket Hall.  If you have any questions or if you need additional information please contact Nick Torres-Tollardo ( or Eileen Lambert (265-2269;

    Summer Schedule Changes at Canterbury
    • Wednesday Prayer Group (11AM): Meets offsite.  Contact Warren Smith at 505-869-9133  if you need a ride to the prayer group from the church. 
    • Wednesday Eucharist (12PM): On Summer Break.  No Wednesday Eucharist during the summer. You are welcome to join us for a communion service on select Wednesday mornings at Atria del Rio Senior Home, instead. Contact Sylvia+
    • Sunday Night TODOS Meal--5PM Potluck Picnic at UNM.  Sign up here. 
    • Sunday Night TODOS Worship-6PM "Mass on the Grass" at UNM. 
    TODOS is heading outdoors for the summer months.  Meet us between Canterbury & the UNM duckpond for a potluck picnic supper and an informal worship service every Sunday evening through September!  

    Camino Mountain Retreat
    July 20-22nd
    If you are interested in exploring the gospel of Matthew and how it relates to dealing with change, you might want to accompany the Canterbury Camino group on a 2-day retreat in the best setting to explore Matthew's message and symbolism: the mountains. Our group will stay for the weekend July 20 to 22 in a peaceful location in the Pecos Mountains in northern New Mexico and discover some the beautiful nature through hikes and other activities. We have a few open spots and welcome others who are interested to join us. Please contact Robert Lauer ( for more information.

    This Week's Thanksgivings
    We all "make church together" each week at Canterbury, helping out in a thousand different ways, small and large! We give thanks for all your good work--especially the many good deeds that go unseen!   Whenever you catch someone doing a good deed for Canterbury, please mark it on the white board in the office, so we can say THANK YOU!

    Eileen Lambert-Kitchen Deep Clean
    Amanda Don-Coffee Hour Host
    Fred & JoAnn Chreist- Front yard flower garden

      PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG YOUR HOURS OF SERVICE ON THE SHEET IN THE CHURCH OFFICE!  This helps us have a holistic picture of stewardship at Canterbury, and an accurate understanding of what it takes to run the church!  


        Pastoral Needs and Ministry Opportunities

    Raffle/Auction Requests to support Native Intervarsity

    ( From Canterbury TODOS member, Heather Jim)

    I would like to ask the congregation of St. Thomas of Canterbury if they would like to donate any art, craft, or prizes that would help Native IV fundraise for Urbana 2018. These items will be offered as prizes for our raffle ticket sale. One student is interested in doing this with me now. We are fundraising for the registration fee of $100 per student, transportation costs, and lunch when they are at the conference. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship does have scholarships available, but as Native IV, we are unsure of the amount and how many students are likely to register. That is why my student and myself are fundraising this early to cover their registration and anyone else who would like to participate. We would also appreciate any prayers that you can offer us as we move forward with this fundraising raffle sale. Ahe’hee.  😊 If you or the congregation would like to donate anything please contact me: Heather Jim,  Thank you!

    Looking for a house sitter?   Contact Canterbury member Ruth Meredith 358-5772;

    Visiting the Elderly: Canterbury member Warren Smith is looking for partners to join him in weekly visits to bring communion to the elderly and homebound Contact Warren for more information:, 505-869-9133


    Poor People's Campaign Update
    On Sunday, May 27th Canterbury hosted a free "Vocal Activist Training" workshop.  The workshop was led by Amy and Angela, two talented Santa Fe based musicians and activists, who are part of the official "theo-musicology" team for the Poor People's Campaign.  We livestreamed the workshop on facebook--you can see the video here. You can learn the songs being sung across the country as part of the Poor People's Campaign on this youtube channel.
    The Poor People's Campaign
    in New Mexico
    invites you to join us for these actions

    Monday, June 11
    2:00 pm at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe
    Theme for this Action:
    Everybody's Got a Right to Live:
    Health and Dental Care,
    Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security
    Wages, Unions and Collective Bargaining,
    Women, the Disabled and LBGTQ,
    Housing and Transportation

    June 18: Immigration, Refugees, the Border
    Las Cruces---details forthcoming

    Basic primer of fundamental principles:  


    Grief Retreat for Men 
    Wednesdays, 5:30-7PM, Beginning July 18th
    A seven week Men’s Grief retreat starts July 18 at Holy Faith Episcopal Church in Santa Fe.  Men experience grief differently from women and memorialize their lost loved ones in unique ways. In recognition of this difference, The Church of the Holy Faith is offering a free retreat for men on seven consecutive Wednesdays beginning July 18. C.S. Lewis’ book “A Grief Observed,” a collection of essays written after the loss of his wife, will be used as a starting point to explore how men process and grow through the resolution of grief. The retreat sessions will be from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Kinsolving Room of the church, 311 E. Palace Ave. To register or for more information, contact Steven Hecht (505-660-8871; or Randall Hayden (505-216-0895 or

    Community Groups at Canterbury
    Canterbury offers a space of spiritual refuge and healing, not only for our members, but for many others in our community including those who come for:
    AA (Sundays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    DA (Mondays, 5:30PM)
    ACOA (Wednesdays, 7PM)
    SLAA (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    NA (Saturday, 5PM)
    NA-Young People (Saturday, 8:30PM)

    Rector's Schedule 
    Sylvia+ is generally on site at Canterbury on Sundays from 7AM-7PM for worship and meetings, and Mondays-Thursday from 7-8AM for Morning Prayer. 

    Outside of these times, she is generally engaged in church work offsite.  If you'd like to meet with the rector please message the rector by texting/calling the church office at 505-247-2515 or emailing and she will get back to you when she's available (usually within 24 hours, except for Friday/Saturdays).  For emergencies or urgent issues requiring a more immediate response, please text/call Sylvia+ on her personal cell at 510-932-1315 and she will get back to you ASAP.  


    Pastoral Care at Canterbury

    Each week we bring communion from our Sunday Eucharist to the sick and homebound.  If you would like to join our team of Eucharistic Visitors, or if you desire a visit or other pastoral support, please contact Sylvia+ by email (   or phone/text at the church office(505-247-2515) during regular office hours (Mon-Thurs 7AM-1PM)  so we can help connect you with the support you need.  In case of urgent pastoral emergencies, please text or call Sylvia+ directly (510-932-1315).

    Canterbury Prayer Requests

    To submit a prayer request to the Canterbury Prayer Group, simply email  To join the group and receive weekly prayer requests by email, simply email and ask to be added to the group.   

    Rota (Schedule of Lay Leaders for Sunday Services)

    It takes many hearts & hands to make our liturgies happen each week!  EVERYONE--newcomers and experienced leaders, youth and adults--is welcome and encouraged to get involved.

    Simply sign up  on the schedule posted in the entryway.  Add your name wherever there's an opening.  If you need information or training for any ministry, just ask!


    Canterbury Communications

    Canterbury Communications is published each week. The document is sent to the parish family via e-mail.  A few printed copies are also available each Sunday. The deadline for submitting articles or information to be included in the publication is Sunday at Noon.  Email

    Vestry Business

    Links to recent vestry meeting minutes, financial reports, and committee reports to the vestry can be found on the website at the top our Vestry Page. Current info about  church finances can be found on our Stewardship & Finance page.


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    Our Mission

    We are a reconciling community of Christians who are nurtured at the Lord's Table, grounded in the truths of Scripture and the traditions of the Church, and sustained through prayer. We are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

    Celebrate the joy of God's presence
    Feed the hungry, heal the wounded, and welcome the stranger
    Cherish diversity and strive for unity as one family in Christ
    Engage in active ministry to the UNM and CNM
    Honor God in all Creation