SCCLC Weekly Newsletter : September 11th - 17th


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Upcoming Events

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Monday 9/11-Friday 9/15

7/8 Milestone

Monday 9/11

Math Team Info Night

Tuesday 9/12-Wednesday 9/13

SCCLC Picture Week!

Tuesday 9/12

3/4 Parent Chaperone Overnight Meeting

Wednesday 9/13

GC Meeting

Friday 9/15


Saturday 9/16

Dancing Under the Stars

Monday 9/18 - Friday 9/22

5th Grade Milestone, Group 1

Tuesday 9/19

3rd Grade Milestone Info Meeting

Thursday 9/21

Colleen and Mrs. B's Field Trip

Friday 9/22

Gina's Field Trip

Saturday 9/23

Picchetti Winery Hike & Picnic

Highlights In This Issue


• Director's Spotlight on Milestones

• Dancing Under the Stars Event

• Exciting Library Visitors Coming to CLC!

•  Volunteer Update:

• Message from the PRT: Voluntary Contributions

 • Pichetti Winery Social Event

• Math Team Information



Director's Spotlight on...Milestones

by Stacy Emory


This week our 7th/8th graders will embark on their milestone trip. This year, their destination is the Mountain Gateway Center at Donner Lake. During the week, they will rock climb, take a history hike through a tunnel built by Chinese laborers for the Transcontinental Railroad, and conduct fieldwork in both riparian and forested habitats. Any or all of these experiences are bound to put these learners outside their comfort zone. For some, just going away from home for five days is already outside their comfort zone (parents, too). These are the kinds of experiences that make a trip a milestone: the opportunity for our learners to take risks and meet challenges that make them more confident and help them earn self-esteem.

Milestone trips also provide amazing community-building opportunities. The learners and educators get to spend time together outside the classroom environment, and this experience allows each to see different aspects of each other as people. The learners also see different sides of each other in these novel situations. I am always blown away watching how our kids work together in these situations, supporting each other through challenges, celebrating accomplishments, and enjoying each other outside of the school walls.

We are very deliberate about how we scaffold the grade-level milestone trips along the K-8 age spans. The trips are designed to appropriately challenge each developmental level toward self-confidence and independence. A side benefit is for parents to see how much their children can manage on their own. :)

This year we have a team of educators taking a critical look at our milestone program. As our grade level cohorts have gotten larger, it has put strain on our current milestone program model. One of our bigger issues is that many of our destinations are no longer able to accommodate our entire cohort at one time. For example, both the 4th grade (overnight on the Balclutha) and 5th grade trips (The Mosaic Project) now have to be split into two groups, each going at a separate time. This inevitable change undercuts the goal of community-building as an entire cohort. With larger groups, the transportation logistics and overall costs continue to increase, and we must be mindful of the impact that has on our family and school budgets. Because of these unintended consequences, we are re-evaluating the mission and implementation of our milestone program at SCCLC


Earthquake Kits!

Due Friday, September 15th

One important step in our school's emergency preparedness planning is that each year we ask that you prepare an earthquake/disaster kit for your children.


We can’t stress enough how important these could be to your child if we do have an earthquake or other shelter-in-place event while school is in session. The suggested contents of the kits are meant to provide comfort and familiarity during a potentially stressful time. Please read the list and put together the kits for/with your child and deliver to their classroom by September 15th.


Please send the following items in a sealed freezer bag (one kit per child). Each bag should be labeled with your child's name, grade and school year (e.g., 2017-2018).

  • A letter to your child for comfort
  • A picture of your family
  • 2 small plastic bottles of water
  • 4 nutritious snacks (Power Bars, dried fruit, fruit rolls, pudding, etc.)
  • 2 protein sources (e.g., beef jerky, canned tuna fish, etc.)
  • A large garbage bag - to help keep dry and warm
  • Several napkins, paper towels or hand wipes
  • Please note that food should be nutritious, convenient, well-packaged, and suitable for non-refrigerated storage. It should be food your learner will enjoy and that will not require preparation. If you send items that must be eaten with a utensil, please make certain you also put a utensil in the bag.

Office News

Quinta Ekong, Office Manager

Gwynne Rinker, Data and Operations Manager

School Photos continue this week on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Click here to review the details provided by Quinta in her email.

If you are able to volunteer, please sign up here


Volunteer Update

Melissa May, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Corner


Library Help Request (Drop In)

Got 15 minutes or an hour to spend on campus after 10:00 a.m.? Drop into the building next to Educare, labeled "CC," to sort books that will go into your child's classroom libraries and our school library. Directions for the sorting will be clearly posted.

Thank you!  -Emma

P.S. The building is air conditioned :)


Part III in our series 


Now that we’ve had back to school night the educators have shared their volunteer schedules with you. Many of the educators need help in their classrooms along with seminars, field trips, milestones, library and other needs throughout the community. If you have not received information on volunteering, you will hear over the next week or so from your child’s educator, room rep or myself.

As we start to use across the campus here are a few questions that have come up:

How do I check how many hours I’ve volunteered to date?

If you have an account on SignUp, it is easy to check your hours to date. Once you have logged into you will see your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on Profile under your name, scroll down to Participant Hours Report, and choose to have a report emailed to you with This School Year's hours. Click on this link if you need help.

How Do I check on my upcoming shifts?

Log into your SignUp account and under Dashboard, click on the SignUp listed under My Signup.


Can I job share, and how do I sign up to job share?

It is possible to job share, so if you are interested please email me at and I will get you set up.

I know there are a lot of volunteers working away on volunteer jobs that do not have shifts or a set amount of hours. As I mentioned last week, please keep track of your hours and we will have a way for you to log them soon and will send out directions on how to log them. You will be able to lump hours according to job/category together - 5 hours library, 8 hours GC, etc… I’m sorry for the delay. Thank you for your patience as we get the campus set up with


Governance Council/Board of Directors

The next GC/BOD meeting is THIS WEDNESDAY, 9/13. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Click the link below to view prior meeting agenda and minutes. 


Dancing Under the Stars Event


Please join in the fun helping at our school-wide hosted SCEF auction item, Dancing Under the Stars, at the Burton Park Bandstand on Saturday, September 16, 2017. 


Remember: your ticket price counts toward the suggested $1,200 per learner donation to SCEF. Thank you!!


We need everyone's help to make this event a success. We are still in need of outdoor furniture, electric candles, set-up, & clean-up help. Sign up here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karen Molinari at


We really appreciate all of your help! Thanks for making it a great night!




Bookish News

Emma Moore, Library Media Specialist

I am excited to announce two amazing author visits to our school in the coming weeks!

Todd Parr is coming to visit K-2 Learners and Educators at CLC Tuesday, October 3 at 10:45! Learners will bring home an order form this week for families who want to purchase Todd Parr books before the event.


Todd Parr's official website:


And Dav Pilkey is coming to visit anyone in San Mateo County, and beyond, who wants to see him in TL's gym the evening of Thursday, September 28. Tickets can be purchased through The Reading Bug. (Note: this event is truly happening at TL, despite what the "Get Your Tickets" link on the Reading Bug's page says. The page will be updated very soon, but you can still buy a ticket now!)


How to pronounce Dav Pilkey audio link, starring Dav Pilkey:


Dav Pilkey's Official Website

A big thank you to The Reading Bug, our wonderful local bookstore, for bringing these two author/illustrators to CLC!


p.s. WE NEED BOOK SORTERS! Please see details in the Volunteer Corner section above!


PRT Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to those who have already submitted your voluntary contributions. Your contributions make learner/educator/staff events and appreciations possible.


The Parent Resource Team (PRT) is looking forward to another great year at CLC. As our school's parent-run organization for supporting our educators and building community, the PRT relies on Voluntary Contributions from learner families. Your funds will support:

  • Birthday, holiday and end of year gifts for our amazing educators and staff
  • Class and grade level celebrations for our fabulous learners
  • The staff appreciation meals and luncheon
  • Social events for the community

Suggested voluntary contribution per learner is $60. Voluntary contributions can be made through CheddarUp. The goal is to receive contributions by September 30, 2017.


Social Team Announcement

PRT Social Team

Picchetti Winery Hike & Picnic

Saturday, September 23 starting around 2:30 PM


We hope to see you all at our next social event -- a hike & picnic at Picchetti Winery on Saturday, September 23 starting around 2:30 PM. Picchetti Winery is a gem of a place with a big, beautiful lawn in the middle of a gorgeous open space preserve. It’ll be a BYO picnic where the grown ups relax on blankets outside while the kids run around, then anyone who is feeling up to it can go for a hike.


It's an open space preserve, so no one is required to buy anything from the winery to use the picnic grounds. Please note, though, that the winery does not allow people to bring in alcohol -- if you would like to drink wine then you must purchase a bottle or a tasting from the winery and they will allow you to bring it outside. Bringing your own food is great (and encouraged).


The address is 13100 Montebello Road, Cupertino. We'll meet at the winery, but for perspective Google Maps pegs it at 34 minutes from campus.


This is a great event for gathering together a group of classmates or community members you haven't seen in a while. So if you're thinking of coming, reach out and see who else wants to go!


If you think you'll attend, please email so we can get a rough head count and know to keep an eye out for you.


San Carlos Educational Foundation

It's easy to support quality education!

For 35 years, the San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) has been raising funds to support vital programs at all of our schools that enrich the everyday learning experience of your child. Without the critical bridge that SCEF provides between state funding and a quality education, vital programs would not be possible or would be severely reduced. Your donation will help maintain funding for key educators and programs that keep our schools strong.


It is easy to set up a recurring monthly payment to SCEF!

Go to, choose "Monthly Donation" and enter the amount you'd like to give each month.

There are 10 months left in our fiscal year. A sample breakdown is shown here:

  • $50/month = $500 total
  • $120/month = $1,200 total
  • $240/month = $2,400 total
  • $360/month = $3,600 total
  • Leadership Circle begins at $3,500

Diamond Earring Raffle
Can't attend our very popular Evening at Town event? You can still win a stunning pair of diamond earrings, valued at $9500!

Buy a raffle ticket for $100, 3 for $250, or 6 for $500 and try your luck.
Only 150 raffle tickets will be sold. Email and get yours!
A big thank you to Geoffrey's for donating these lovely earrings for our raffle.


Bus Information

SamTrans Bus Schedule - We need your help


The District is working with SamTrans to adjust bus schedules so that they better align with school bell times but need your help! Please take a moment to fill out the attached survey so we can better understand your needs.


Parent Survey -


Hot Lunch Updates

Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Please try out ChoiceLunch and their many different daily entrée options! To order ChoiceLunch, please click the button above.


Looking to volunteer at SCCLC? Or, are you looking for a new volunteer opportunity? Don't look any further than hot lunch service. It's fun, exciting and allows you to earn DOUBLE volunteer hours! We have volunteer openings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Volunteer commitments would start immediately and can be either weekly or every other week. If you're interested, please reach out to Akash Bijlani, Hot Lunch Coordinator, via email at or cell at (650) 248-9166.


Campus Construction Update

 For the two-week look ahead, click here.


Fall Sports

TL/C Fall Sports Registration


Here is the information you will need for MIDDLE SCHOOL FALL SPORTS with the San Carlos School District. Legarza Sports serves as our Athletic Program Directors. 


All players must register PRIOR TO TRYOUTS (or the 1st practice in the case of sports that don't have tryouts). Please use CHROME or FIREFOX browser to access this link to register and locate dates and times for tryouts:


For more Legarza Sports opportunities, including classes for younger grades, click the "Community Events & Offerings" button near the end of the Newsletter.


Math Team Information (Grades 5-8)

Join SCCLC's Math Team!

SCCLC's Math Team is a volunteer-led effort that meets weekly to prepare interested learners to participate in national mathematics competitions like the AMC8 and MATHCOUNTS. We typically have an enthusiastic group of more than 20 learners, and we'd like to invite any interested 5th-8th graders to participate in this year's team.


The Information Night Meeting is September 11 from 6:30-7:30pm. Regular math team meetings begin September 18.


Click here for more details.



  • Thank you Keri Bailey for covering our Room 25 writer's notebooks in contact paper!

  • A big shout out to Danielle DeBrier, Roberta Marks, and the rest of the PRT team for organizing amazing staff meals for the Back to School Nights. It is wonderful to have the chance to relax and eat with our colleagues at such a busy time of year. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

  • THANK YOU Kristin Thomas for all of your work organizing the 7/8 milestone!

  • Thank you to the PRT Room Reps for supporting Back to School Night through introductions, key reminders, and helping with any at-event CheddarUp contributions.
  • Thank you, CLC Healthcare Providers for doing TB Risk Assessments at BTSN!
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