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Bedford 2020 and the Town of Bedford are on a mission to substantially increase the amount of waste that’s recycled in the Town of Bedford.  This newsletter features three exciting programs underway to help achieve our goals: a new “waste-bin” pilot program aimed at reducing waste in our downtown areas, a waste audit conducted in partnership with students at Fox lane High School this past spring, and a Greenlight Award project that brought composting to Pound Ridge Elementary School.

Also be sure to visit our website for questions about Single Stream Recycling, tips on hard to recycle items in our Recyclopedia, and read information to start composting today (see below for compost bin deal).

Thanks for reducing waste for a healthier and more sustainable future!
-The Bedford 2020 Waste and Recycling Task Force
Bedford 2020 and the Town of Bedford are piloting several models of waste and recycling bins in the three shopping hamlets - Katonah, Bedford Hills and Bedford Village - to see which bin models encourage the most recycling.
After getting data indicating that the current bins in our downtown areas were not effectively driving recycling, Bedford 2020 and the Town embarked on an extensive exploration to find alternative bins that would be more effective and that would look nice in the community. Three alternatives - including two new bin styles as well as retrofitted version of the current bins - are being tested as part of the pilot. 

All of the pilot bins meet criteria that we believe will help encourage proper recycling: a "dual-bin system" that includes waste and recycling bins placed right beside each other; bins with clear and simple signage indicating which materials are/are not recyclable; and restricted bin openings designed to accommodate the appropriate materials. 

Initial reports from City Carting, the company that collects materials from the downtown bins, are that they are seeing very good use of the new bins with recyclables being properly separated and with little contamination in those bins.

We hope to learn from the new bins about what works best to improve recycling in the hamlets. Bedford 2020 representatives will be hanging out in the hamlets in the coming weeks to survey people on the street and local businesses about the new bins. If you see us, come say hello!
Bedford 2020 teamed up with the Fox Lane Garden Club to conduct a waste audit at Fox Lane High School to take a baseline measure of where the school currently stands with waste and recycling so that they could take steps to improve upon the results
BEFORE. For the initial audit on May 17, participants weighed and measured volume in the bags of both waste and recycling after a typical lunch at Fox Lane High School. The students, along with Bedford 2020 volunteers, found that by weight recycling made up a very small percentage of the total and the majority was thrown away as trash.  
​Want to Shred Confidential Papers before Recycling? 
Westchester County Mobile Shredder will be in the following locations at these dates and times: 
  • Peekskill: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Aug. 13 at City Hall, 828-840 Main Street
  • Tarrytown: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Aug. 20 at Green Street Parking Lot
  • Rye: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Aug. 27 at 222 Grace Church St.
  • Yorktown: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 9 at 363 Underhill Ave.
​Fox Lane Senior Initiates Program 

For her Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award project, Jessica Smith worked with faculty, staff and administrators at Pound Ridge Elementary School to start a composting program. She used the seed funding from the contest to purchase a compost bin, create educational materials, and buy books to read to students and donate to the school. 

Throughout the spring semester, Jessica educated students about combining food scraps with grass clippings, newspaper and dried leaves to decompose into dark fertile compost that can be used to fertilize the school garden. Students also learned that keeping food waste out of the trash is better for the enviornment. 

If you want to start a composting program at your school, let us know
Click here to participate in Sustainable Westchester's short recycling survey.
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