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October 12, 2011

New Hours: 10-6 Every Day

Farm Events
Saturday, October 15. 10 AM in the Hayloft.
Joann Burnham, certified Raw Food Chef, will demonstrate and sample healthy treats from the fall harvest, featuring a cranberry cocktail,
pumpkin pie and carrot muffins.


Joann also teaches yoga classes in the Hayloft.
For more information about YogaFarm click here.

October 16: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our own Kate O'Brien has organized "Clare's Corny Crew" again. Please consider sponsoring Kate and her team in the walk to support breast cancer research. The walk begins at noon, Sunday October 16th at 10 Surfside Road.

Monday, October 17: Cooking Class: Learn to filet fish. Join Jeff Henderson of Nantucket Fresh Catch in learning to filet both round fish and flat fish. Class cost is $55 and you will take home your new knowledge and four beautiful filets of fresh fish! We will provide bags for transporting your filets home. 6 PM
For more information and to register , click here.
October Farm Dinner
October's Dinner is a little different from our standard 'First Friday Dinners!'
First, it's not on a the first Friday of the month, and
second, this meal is completely vegetarian! But don't let that scare you off!

Our guests have enjoyed our farm-fresh vegetable dishes at the previous dinners, and many suggested that we just feature vegetables on this menu!
With dishes like Farm Made Focaccia, Swiss Onion Soup, Red & Green Lentil Arugula Salad, Cauliflower Potato Skin and Potato Gnocchi we promise you won't even miss the meat!

And wait til you taste the three apple preparations Neil and his staff have
created for dessert!
Around the Farm
Halloween is right around the corner! Did I mention that we have plenty of pumpkins? This is the biggest and best crop we've EVER had at Bartlett's, so there's no excuse for not decorating this year! When you check out, you can try to guess the weight of one pumpkin and if you guess within 1/10 of a pound, it's yours for FREE!
Sounds difficult, but last year we gave away 5-6 pumpkins every day!
And there are plenty of decorating idea books and helpful tools for
carving and painting!
Carving Display

Native Cranberries are here! Organic berries are harvested at the Nantucket Bogs and we have plenty! They can be used fresh or put them in the freezer now for making cranberry goodies at Thanksgiving!
There are still plenty of apples from Carlson's Orchards
including the ever-popular Honey Crisp.
Try some Paula Reds, Macs and all the other standards!
Perfect for pies, crisps, tarts, lunch boxes and eating right out of your hand!
And even if you're not comfortable baking,
our mixes for apple pie and apple crisp couldn't be easier!
The garden center sale continues:
Roses, Blueberry Bushes, Mandevilla, Clematis - 75% off
Perennials, Proven Winners, Hydrangeas, Select Evergreens - 50% off
Houseplants and Statuary - 40% off
Pottery - 20% off
Cheese Heaven!

Leah has just brought in some new cheeses
and some old favorites have returned! Here are a few.

Ascutney Mountain is a farm favorite, bursting with flavor and hints of pineapple and a lingering caramel finish. There are only two wheels and they won't be on

the shelf for long!

Seal Cove "Olga" is back. This semi-firm cheese is excellent grated over farm-grown roasted squash.

Buche Rondin - This French goat cheese is at its perfect ripeness.

buche rondin

And some new ones...

Sprout Creek Farm - Batch 35 is an alpine style raw cow's milk cheese with a soft aromatic paste and a crisp coppery rind.

Jasper Hill - Harbison. If you like Jasper Hill's "Moses Sleeper", then this spruce wrapped version will knock your socks off. This is a difficult cheese to get and there is a limited quantity, so if you want it, don't wait!

By purchasing these cheeses, you are supporting small, independent farms like us, from in and around New England.

Upcoming Events

October 22: Local, seasonal cooking with Erin Zircher, executive chef at
The Boarding House
10am in the Hayloft

October 29: Pumpkin Carving and hayrides for families.10-11 in the Hayloft with hayrides to follow immediately.
November 10: Ladies Night - A fun evening of shopping and socializing to benefit the Nantucket Emergency Food Pantry.
Interested vendors should email Amy for a vendor application.


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