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Formula for successful attainment of your goals

Positive thinking enables us to set goals but in and by itself is not sufficient to helps us to reach our goals.

In this post we will discuss what other types of thinking is needed in order to attain our goals and succeed in life.​​​​​​​
In pursuing goals, people use several types of thinking..

For Example
 The  goal of getting to work on time for someone who has a very active social life and gets up late every morning and drives too fast to get to work in time, falling which can jeopardize their job.

Intellectual Thinking: More people die on the roads of this country in one year than soldiers in the 10 year Vietnam war. Therefore, I must not drive too fast to get work and get into an accident.
Critique:Intellectual thinking dies not work because, knowing is not good enough, how do you translates it  into  behavior change leading to attainment ones goals.

Rationalization: I wont loose my job if I am late couple of times a week. My boss knows I have very active social life.
Critique: Rationalization is most often wishful thinking, most often it does not produce changes that  will enable one to attain their goal.

Positive thinking: in order to get work on time, I must not drive too fast. if I keep on doing this. I endanger other people's life and my own.
Critique: :Positive thinking is mostly self advice, and advice giving most often does not work even if it is your own.

Rational Thinking: If I value my job and at the same time wish to remain reasonably socially active, I must  go out only on Fridays and Saturdays and on work days come home early  enough to go to bed in time to get a good night sleep and get up early enough to drive to work safely to arrive in time for work.
Critique: Chances are very good for a rational thinker to attain their goal of keeping their job and not endanger other people's live including their own.

Formula for successful attainment of goals

Use positive thinking to set your goals
Use rational thinking to get you there

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