I Want My Mummy! 

Dr. Steve's Presentation on Ancient Egyptian Mummies 

at the Upper Merion Township Library

         Monday, October 22  at 7:00 pm

Upper Merion Township Library's Freedom Hall

For all ages

In an effort to better understand why ancient Egyptian mummies hold such a fascination in our popular culture, this highly illustrated presentation explores the history of our interaction with the world of ancient Egyptian mummies; how these mummies were actually made, and, how ancient Egypt’s mummies still influence modern life.


This talk includes unpublished images of the actual mummies of several of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs, as well as behind the scenes images of 4,500 year-old mummies as they emerged from the sands during Dr. Phillips’ own archaeological excavations in the cemeteries at the Great Pyramids in Egypt.


           Presenter Dr. Stephen Phillips is the Curatorial Research Coordinator in the Egyptian Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  Dr. Phillips has traveled extensively and participated in a wide range of archaeological excavations for nearly 25 years, including excavations at Petra, Jordan; near Bordeaux in southwestern France; and in Egypt - at the Great Pyramids. He is also a professional guide for tour groups to Egypt. 


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