August 23, 2018

The drill is a You Tube video. Even if you don’t agree with the teaching points or philosophy in the drill, it is important to work with your post players on what you want them to do if they do catch the ball off the block. The coach in both videos is Chris Capko. At the time the videos were filmed, he was on the USC staff. He is currently an assistant at Florida International.

Hope this helps your summer basketball training! 

Basketball HQ Guard Development 

This group is for point guards and wing players.
The workouts in this group are going to be based
around different in game actions; ball screens,
penetration, finishing at the rim, etc. as well as
overall skill development. All of our workouts are
created by College and Professional coaches.
Most of the drills in these workouts will require
a partner. So make sure that you have a gym
partner before selecting this group. If you don't
have a partner make sure you checkout our
Complete Individual Training Basketball Group.

  Resource for Basketball Coaches
  In Coaching for Leadership, author,
  professor, and former coach, Cory
  Dobbs flips the coaching plan on
  leadership and team building.

  Rather than relying on “seniority”
  and “teachable moments,” coaches
are invited to deliberately prepare every team member
for a vital team building role.

Quote of the Day

"Either you run the day,
or the day runs you."

Jim Rohn
Brian Williams
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