Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
December 2015
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
It's December 21st as I write this- the first day of winter and it's 55 degrees outside!  We just had our closing celebration yesterday and many staff members have already started their vacations.   The few of us left are wrapping things up and getting stuff closed down for the break.  This year we'll re-open on January 14th.  

We were sad to say goodbye to a couple of our year-round employees when we closed for the break.   Will Sinnott has left us to move to NH and start a new life with Farmily alumni Kayla Spano and their new baby on the way!  Ray Andrews will heading back to Virgina and then Oregon to start a new adventure, perhaps at another Farm.   We hope they will all stay in touch and visit again soon!  Leah Mojer has stepped up to fill Ray's spot at Assistant Market Manager and will continue to manage the Wine and Cheese departments as well!  She's got a full plate, but we know she is up to the task!  

We are pleased to announce that Carlene Phillips-Peters has been promoted to Assistant Customer Service Manager and will help Whitney lead the team in 2016. She has proven herself to be a dedicated and conscientious leader and we are eager to see her grow into her new role.   Madison Mello and Mary Parker joined the Cashier team this fall round out the Retail department.  Their great customer service and smiling faces will welcome our regular customers when they return in January. 

Wade Cernohous is leading the Kitchen Counter Team and has also taken on a role in assisting with building maintenance.  You may not know this, but Wade is also a licensed General Contractor so Dan Bartlett finally has some help in getting various projects done.  On deck for this winter are new kitchen cabinets in Cornell, Lenny and the Farmhouse- which is also getting a much-need new bathroom downstairs!  

David Shepard and his wife Rachel have been accepted into the Peace Corps and are expecting to leave for Napal in early April.  They will be there for a 2 year placement and are excited to start this new adventure.  We are sad to lose David (hopefully for just 2 years), but so excited for their new adventure. Stay tuned for news of their upcoming travels! 

Kate O'Brien is due to have her baby girl at the end of January and we are so excited for the upcoming addition to the Farmily.  She has been training Laura Anderson cover for her during her maternity leave.  
(My apologies for the appalling lack of pictures of the newer staff- this is what I get for starting the newsletter after everyone has left for break!  Will try rectify next month!)

In the meantime, We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and we'll see you in 2016!!
It's that time of year when there is not much Farm Grown produce left, but we have plenty of turnips!   Amy swears by this recipe, so lets all give it a try! 
Turnip Gratin! 
Makes 6 servings
20 min
1 hr
·         2 tablespoons unsalted butter
·         2 1/2 pounds medium turnips, trimmed and left unpeeled
·         1 tablespoon chopped thyme
·         1/2 tablespoon chopped savory
·         1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
·         Rounded 1/8 teaspoon cayenne
·         1 cup heavy cream
·         1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (use a Microplane)
·         Equipment: an adjustable-blade slicer
1.      Preheat oven to 450°F with rack in middle.
2.      Melt butter in an ovenproof 12-inch heavy skillet, then cool.
3.      Slice turnips paper-thin with slicer, then arrange one third of slices, overlapping tightly, in skillet, keeping remaining slices covered with dampened paper towels. Sprinkle with about a third of thyme, savory, kosher salt, and cayenne. Make 2 more layers.
4.      Cook, covered, over medium heat until underside is browned, about 10 minutes. Add cream and cook, covered, until center is tender, 20 to 25 minutes.
5.      Sprinkle evenly with cheese, then bake, uncovered, until golden and bubbling, 10 to 15 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

Elisa "Ed" Vallardi sends a hello from Italy.  Unfortunately she won't be able to join us next summer, but we hope to see her in 2017! She writes: 

Hi Laura 
I would still love to come over next summer, and I'll do my best to be available sooner. I will still be able to drop by on the island and visit this summer, so I can come by and say hi!
My experience at Bartletts has been one of a kind, and all the people I have met and worked with there have had something special; for this I wanted to thank you all for everything you have done for me. I send a Merry Christmas and a huge hug to everyone at the farm, especially the kitchen folk!
I've sent some pictures from Milan, hopefully I can get some back from you guys?
Thank you again for everything, I look forward to seeing you again and hearing from you.
Best wishes,

Where in the world is the Farmily?
French girl on trip in USA and Brazil
After my 6 months at Bartlett’s farm which was a very good experience for me. I went on a one month trip in the USA (2 weeks on the east coast and 2 weeks on the West coast) and 1 month in Brazil ( 2 weeks in Rio de Janeiro, 1 week in Ribeirao Preto and a few days in Larvas).
My favorite place in the USA was the Grand Canyon; this national park is calm and breathtaking. In Brazil, I can’t say which place was my favorite because everywhere was beautiful and new for me (from el Christo in Rio de Janeiro to the sugar cane fields in Jaboticabal)
My big challenge during the trip in USA, was to find a place to stay for a few days. We tried before leaving the island to find accommodation in every city. We found a house of someone in NY, and afterwards we went to different hotels or hostels.
My funniest memory was to be inside the bus organizing all the baggage before we went to Niagara Falls. In Brazil was dancing the middle of botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro.
My best memories was to see my sister in New York after 6 months out of France and to treat her to the musical comedy The Lion King in Broadway.
I met a lot of people; at the beginning in the east coast I met some French people during the trip to Niagara Falls. In the west coast, we met some French, German, England, Australian people. It was really nice to share different experiences about our trip and job. In Brazil it was a pleasure to meet family and friends of my roommate. I had a lot of fun in Brazil. I tried to speak with some people but they didn’t speak in English!
The difference between USA and Brazil, I took time to realize that I was in Brazil. It was hard for me at the beginning because of the big difference between poor and rich people. I think having never been to Brazil the difference is hard psychologically.
Language: When I was alone in airport I had some complicated moments, I couldn't explain what I wanted because of the different language.
Weather: It’s so hot in Brazil, was very nice to be in my bikini in the middle of November. In France, isn’t possible in my region.
Alimentation: Thanks to Beatriz my Brazilian roommate, I went to Brazil with a big list of different foods that I should try during my visit. I tried almost everything of the list, Brazil has so many good dishes (Mango, Coxinha, Pastel, Requeijao, Acai, Goiaba…). 
Sophie Le Bris 
Cathedral in center of Ribeirao Preto
In Rio de Janeiro
Krystyna, Sophie and Daniel at The Grand Canyon
Antonio Mastrodomenico, Helen Fore, Andre Lucier, Mary Lynch and Carolina Soto Gaete reunited in Boston for some fun adventures.
Mary Lynch reached out to let us know she will be doing an Internship in Nicaragua over the winter.  We look forward to having her back next year on the Farm Truck in Town! 

Says Mary: 
I ended up getting a six month position with the non-profit organization based in Nicaragua.  I will be in Granada and will be working for Soccer Without Borders, a non-profit organization that uses soccer as a tool for positive social change. I'll be coaching young girls in the community and doing a lot of educational work as well. I feel so passionate about the mission of the organization, and I'm really looking forward to the experience. 
Thank you for the support, and for welcoming me back for a second season. I hope you have a very happy holidays!
Talk soon,
Mary Lynch
Keep sending your travel pics-   
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​especially showing off your Bartlett's gear!
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