Good Morning Western Fairs Association Member,

Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Today try walking or riding your bike to your favorite local business instead of driving your car, pick up trash in the local park, recycle, and instead of going through plastic water bottles each day, get a reusable canteen or cup that you can refill with your favorite beverages! We can not forget that today is also National Girl Scout Leader’s Day, National Jelly Bean Day, and National Administrative Professionals’ Day. 

Today we will be hosting another all membership check-in and informational virtual discussion. We can't wait to see and hear from you!

Have a great day Western Fairs Association!

Sending our love and support,

Western Fairs Association Team
Apr 22, 2020
1:00 PM Pacific Time
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NEW! We Are Here to HELP Digital Campaign
Western Fairs Association and our members are HERE TO HELP as we navigate our way through COVID-19. Today more than ever we are seeing our local, state, and national governments call upon the fair industry to assist during times of crisis; nationwide, Fairgrounds stand to serve. Let’s make #WFAHereToHelp travel the world...JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.
UPDATED: WFA COVID-19 Updates Webpage
The Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage includes a full list of fair cancellations, resources, and information by country and state. This page is updated daily... VISIT OUR SITE.
NEW! Virtual Silly Circus Show for WFA Members Only
Silly Circus Show
If you have kids, and are a member of the WFA, you are invited to a very special Virtual Silly Circus Show! I am an entertainer, and I have been a WFA member for the past few years. I figured out how to create a wonderful & engaging streaming show for kids ages 4-7...CHECK IT OUT!
NEW! Shelter sites underway at fairgrounds locations to house homeless and farmworkers who test positive for Covid-19.
Monterey County Now
The Monterey County Fairgrounds exhibition halls that feature farm, craft and baking exhibits during the fair and host a rotating lineup of live music the rest of the year are being retrofitted. The purpose is to house local homeless individuals who test positive for Covid-19 and need isolation to stop the spread of the disease, officials from both the city of Monterey and Monterey County confirmed on Monday, April 20...READ MORE.
NEW! Kern County & Bakersfield join forces to house homeless through pandemic
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Kern County and Bakersfield entered into a joint venture to house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic...READ MORE.
Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals, and Amusement Parks - Are we last to open and why?
Carnival Warehouse
The roadmap to re-opening the country was released by the President on Thursday and it shows a three-tiered guideline for states.  Not surprisingly, mass gatherings and large outdoor events were in the last phase of the plan...READ MORE.
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The first known death from the illness came in early February in California. Trump’s order imposes a 60-day halt in issuing green cards. The Senate approved a $484 billion relief plan...READ MORE.
NEW! Senate approves $480 billion package to help small businesses and hospitals, expand testing
CNN Politics
The Senate passed a roughly $480 billion relief package Tuesday that includes hundreds of billions of dollars in new funding for small businesses hurt by the coronavirus outbreak along with other priorities like money for hospitals and expanded Covid-19 testing...READ MORE.
RESOURCE: A Marketer's Guide to Canceled Event Communication
It goes without saying this is an unprecedented time for the event and conference industry. Thousands of events are being postponed or canceled and there’s currently no clear path to when this cycle will end. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned event marketer want to toss their cookies. The good news is, you are not alone...READ MORE.
NEW! Trump Halts New Green Cards, but Backs Off Broader Immigration Ban
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After pledging on Twitter to end immigration during the pandemic, President Trump moved to block new green cards but stopped short of ending all work visas...READ MORE.
Here’s who is hiring right now, amid a bleak jobs picture
With many non-essential businesses forced to close, workers across the country are suddenly facing extended furloughs or lay-offs. The unemployment rate jumped to 4.4% — from 3.5% — its highest level since August 2017, and it will likely climb much higher...READ MORE.
NEW! A step-by-step guide to file for unemployment benefits in Washington
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Customer Leaves Entire $1,200 Stimulus Check as Generous Tip for Family-Owned Restaurant
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Like so many small businesses being forced to adapt to social restrictions amidst the novel coronavirus shutdowns, this Arkansas steakhouse has been struggling to make ends meet—but thankfully, one of their regular customers gave them a much-appreciated financial windfall...READ MORE.
Stay safe and healthy!