Bartlett's Wine and Beer Sales Go Year Round!
We have been working hard the last few months with the town and the state to have our request for an annual wine and beer license approved and finally it has paid off! We received our license from the town yesterday and we are already off and running, getting our shelves stocked with your favorite artisanal, organic, sustainable wines, and beers plus lots of new ones to try! Like many of the products we carry, the wines and beers we sell mirror our commitment to responsible farming, commitment to employees and the environment.  Interested in learning more about how "organic", "natural", "biodynamic", and "sustainable" pertains to wine growing and bottling? Follow this link, or this one! or this one! Cheers!
Saturday, March 16th at 11 am in the Hayloft
Join us this Saturday, March 16th at 11 AM for an informative farm talk with Graeme Durovich, recycling coordinator for the town of Nantucket. Bring your questions and learn how to best support our waste management efforts here at home. 
What's Cooking?

Look out for some great Irish inspired specials just in time for the weekend!

Friday Corned Beef & Cabbage Lunch Special

Slow braised corned beef

Cabbage, Carrots, Potatoes sautéed in herb butter

served with a side of Irish Soda Bread


Guinness Stew

Hearty Beef Stew with bacon and root veggies!

Sweet Irish Soda Bread Scones

Dark Raisins & caraway seeds, will be available in the breakfast window!

We've heard from you, and you've been asking for a Vegetarian Dinner Special so we are delivering with a sumptuous Indian Vegetable Curry on Mondays with coconut milk, onions, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, and spinach, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne spices, served over white rice, and with a side of farm made naan bread.
Breakfast Burritos are BACK! 
Pick up a couple of these scrumptious wraps which are made to order and perfectly portable! Scrambled eggs get cozy with potato hash, caramelized onions, peppers, cheddar and bacon. Need a veggie one? No problem!
$9.99 with meat, $8.99 without!
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Bartlett's Market says 'Local is Lovely'!
There are some beautiful new local products in the market right now! Maryjane, our Market Manager, made the most of her time off island and brought these products back to sell,  made right here in New England. 

We will be highlighting one of these products each week so you can get to know your local food choices better!
Farm Fresh Rhode Island jarred peaches by Harvest Kitchen-
Harvest Kitchen is a culinary job training program for youth ages 16–19 involved with the RI Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Trainees work to create value-added products using ingredients sourced from local farms, and get hands-on retail experience selling their goods at farmers markets and through their Local Foods Cafe at the corner of Main Street and Bayley Street in downtown Pawtucket. 

 This trainee-led Cafe's menu includes breakfast-all-day and lunch favorites like wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups, and bowls — featuring fresh, locally grown ingredients. Not only do the sales of these products go directly back to continuing these important programs, but the peaches are also downright delicious! We love supporting such a great program! Check out their video here
Go on a Trip Around the World with Spices!
Want to conjure some warmer weather without leaving the comfort of your kitchen? Spices and seasoning blends add serious depth to roasted meats and veggies, soups, stews, and braises.  Best of all, spices add flavor without adding any additional calories, making them a great go-to for upgrading your meal planning.  Spice things up this week and take home some new flavor enhancing blends from our shelves! 
We love these spice infographics by which take the mystery out of  a myriad of different spice blends, cuisines and seasonings,
paired with cooking tips too!
News from our Gift department!
As spring is quickly approaching, branded items are beginning to arrive at our back door. One of the first things to arrive for the season is our Adult Peace, Love, Tomatoes Baja. We brought back this popular design last year in a kids style (also back in stock) and it was a big hit.

We got so many requests for larger sizes that we had to bring in the adult version as well.

One of our most popular items over the last couple years has been our sweatshirt blankets. These cozy, over-sized blankets feature a compass rose design with local beaches. We mix up the colors from year to year so you should check out this season’s options. Who knows, you might just need another one.

Keep checking back on our website! We will be adding new colors and styles as items arrive this spring.
Brighten up your kitchen with some fresh white table-wares, enamel and accessories. Pair the smooth, clean lines with some rustic, galvanized metals, wire baskets and creamy, off-white canvas for a modern yet rustic farmhouse kitchen look.
Got a Window? Start a Garden!
Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get lots of tender seedlings going while it's still blustery and chilly outside. Here are seven steps to seedling success!
What's Growing on in the Greenhouses?
Lots actually...
The first Tomato hot house has been successfully transplanted and the tomatoes are thriving in their new fiber pots! The glass greenhouse is alive with first and second crops of tomatoes, hydro house starts, begonias, and pansies. Behind the scenes,  Fernanda and Andrew have been busy training their new interns on the ins and outs of watering, planting and greenhouse maintenance.  We are starting to believe that spring is actually right around the corner!
The Self Check-outs aka the 'Golden Girls' Turn One!
Happy Anniversary Golden Girls!
The Golden Girls, otherwise known as the Fastlanes,
have been with the farm for one year! 
Picture it.  Nantucket, March 12th, 2018, winter storm Riley has shut down the island.  We had just one week of training and we were off and running! We wouldn’t want to lie and say it has been a completely harmonious relationship from the beginning, these girls came with quirks!  Red blinking lights and green blinking lights. Error messages, scales not functioning, you name it.  Whitney and I quickly came to figure out that these were part of a normal day operations.  We kept track of every little quirk as we came to learn how to keep the Golden Girls happy. Summer came fast and furious, but with these four additional lanes available open to close, we were able to provide
quick service to a record number of customers!

 The Golden Girls and I have forged a pretty great bond!  I know more about their inner workings than I expected! They have become a wonderful, fun addition to the Customer Service Team here at Bartlett’s Farm. I think that we have a mutual respect for each other, I’m good to them and they are good to me in return.  I know some people aren’t crazy about them, that’s fine!  Fear not, we have hired some great kids from England, Croatia, Ireland and Jamaica, plus some favorites returning in the spring!- We wanted to again say Happy One Year Anniversary to Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia!
We want to thank you for being a friend!

Lauren Keereweer, Customer Service Manager

Fresh Catch is Open on Friday and Saturdays
Fresh Catch is open on
Fridays and Saturdays through the winter!

Winter Hours-
Friday, 1 pm to 6 pm
Saturdays 9 am-6 pm
What's Happening in March?
Farm Talk; Shamanism and Tick-borne disease with Danica Connors, March 23rd at 11 AM
So Nice We're Doing it Twice!
Reduce Reuse Recycle! BYO Bags!!!
Lauren at the Registers has two wishes! Bring her your clean, folded brown bags! We will happily take them! 
And save paper! Are you a friend of the farm? Talk to customer service about having your farm receipts sent directly to your email! 
We're Hiring!
Our busy production kitchen is in need of seasonal cooks with 1-2+ years’ experience, 
 Afternoon/evening positions available.

Our Garden Center is looking for someone to do some plant stocking and soil loading.  A great job for someone with an interest, but not necessarily experience, working with plants.  Must be able to start by Mid-May.​​​​​​​

Please apply online 

Save the Date
3.16- Farm Talk- Waste Management on Nantucket
3.23- Farm Talk- Shamanism and Tick-borne disease with Danica Connors
4.13- Bartlett's Farm Living Well Fair