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Your Roadmap to a Great Road Trip

Flip flops—check. Sun block—check. Bug repellent—check. Lists are a great way to keep you organized and get you on the road quicker when headed off on a road trip. A week or two before the big day arrives, make a list of everything you need to do and pack (and be sure you leave enough room so you can see out of your rear-view mirror). Here are some ideas to help:

Plan the route
Construction can strike anywhere, anytime during the summer. Check out dmv.org for tips on avoiding these areas, or know where congestion is possible and plan extra time to travel through the area.

Budget right
It’s easy to plan the hotel cost, but be sure to budget accurately for meals (or grocery shopping, if you like to grill) and gas costs. Go to fueleconomy.gov for a handy calculator to figure out gas costs before you hit the road.

Pick up traveler’s checks or prepaid credit cards
Everyone is going green these days, but when you travel, leave the green at home and pack traveler’s checks or purchase prepaid credit cards instead. It’s a safer and smarter way to travel.

Check the glove box and toss in a disposable camera
Among the salt and ketchup packets, napkins and those impossible to fold maps, check the glove box for a few other travel essentials like your insurance card and any cards or numbers for emergency road service. Also, toss in a disposable camera in case of a fender bender. While most travelers have cell phones with cameras now, it’s good to have a backup in case your cell phone becomes too full with other precious pics you haven’t had a chance yet to download.

Make room for a pet carrier
Are Fido and his Frisbee® headed to the beach with you? Use a pet carrier or other pet-buckling devices to keep him safe for the ride. In the event of an accident, ERIE provides Pet Insurance Coverage (as part of your auto insurance) for your four-legged furry friends, but why ruin a getaway with trips to the vet? It’s better to keep him safe right off the bat. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a portable water bowl and some extra kibbles for rest stops.

Stack up on smart snacks
Chips, chocolate and pop. Every kid’s dream meal. To avoid the sugar highs after every rest stop and gas fill-up, pack a small cooler filled with bottled water, cereal bars, crackers and fruit. Avoid salty foods or sodas that may actually make you thirsty, or heavy foods that can make you tired.

Know your GPS
Whether it’s a TomTom®, Magellan®, Garmin® or a GPS system through your smart phone, be sure to have navigation systems that you can plug into your vehicle. They’ll keep you from spacing out while on the road and prevent those “Which way do I turn?” arguments. Now you can pay attention to the road instead of listening to back seat drivers yelling about which way to go.

Take techno-entertainment for the road
“On my summer vacation I packed …” or “I spy an Ohio license plate.” Remember these? Kids used to play travel games to pass the time. Nowadays, though, many won’t leave home without their iPods, DVD players and PS2s. These nifty electronic devices help to prevent the repetitive, “Are we there yet?”

Remember an emergency travel kit
Have bug bites, splinters, a flat tire or a dead battery? An emergency travel kit can save the day. Be sure to pack a flashlight, flares, first-aid kit, jumper cables, a blanket, gloves, paper towels and basic tools.

To-Do: Get the Car Checked Out
Check all fluid levels, belts and tires before hitting the road to prevent any mishaps that might keep your family stranded roadside—instead of beachside.

And last but not least, drive safely!

Article from https://www.erieinsurance.com/blog/your-roadmap-to-a-great-road-trip
The 100 Deadly Days of Summer

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and most everyone is looking forward to a day off and unofficially kicking off the beginning of summer.

Summers should be a time to celebrate the sunny weather, cook outs, ball games, vacations, and good times with family and friends.  Sadly, it is also a time when many parents are devastated with the horrific news that their son or daughter has been killed in a car crash.

Statistically, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers for the entire year.  On average 260 teens are killed every month during this period which depending on which statistic you go by, that’s a 15-20% increase over those killed the rest of the year.

Compound the average teen’s lack of driving experience with a jump in alcohol consumption by freshly graduated high school seniors, and the numbers get even worse.  Speed and nighttime driving are also significant factors contributing towards the number of crashes, and subsequently fatalities

In preparation for the dangerous summer driving period, the American Automobile Association (AAA) encourages parents to educate their teens and themselves about risky driving behavior. Parents should:

  • Discuss with teens, early and often, the dangers of risky driving situations, such as speeding and nighttime driving.
  • Teach by example and minimize your own risky behavior when behind the wheel.
  • Make a parent-teen driving agreement that sets family rules for teen drivers. Consider setting driving limits that are stronger than a state’s law, and enforce those limits.

The danger is very real.  If you can’t enroll your teen in one of Teen Driving Solutions upcoming classes this summer, check out AAA’s website at www.teendriving.aaa.com/NC. There are customized sites for each state, so if you live outside of North Carolina, you can select your state in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.

This site has a variety of tools, including licensing and state law information, to help prepare parents and teens for not only the dangerous summer driving season, but also all year long. The site also features new “interactive widgets” highlighting teen driving risks, as well as a social host quiz.  The online AAA “SmartStart” program also offers great resources for parents on how to become effective in-car coaches as well as advice on how to manage their teen’s overall driving privileges

All of us at Teen Driving Solutions wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable summer.  However, please have a conversation with your teen driver and alert them to the special hazards of the season.  Establish a clear set of driving rules for when they are out of school as to where they can drive, who they can ride with, and how late they can be out.

This safe driving tip is provided by Teen Driving Solutions.

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Locations: Virginia International Raceway (VIR), just over the NC line in Alton, VA & Charlotte Motor Speedway (CMS) in Concord, NC.

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