Omaha Rolls out the Red Carpet
Longines World Cup Finals 2017
Century Link Center
When a city wants to host something as prestigious and important as the World Cup Finals...they need to take a lesson from the Omaha Equestrian Foundation!! From the instant you step off the plane you see banners and posters everywhere, beside you, above you, in front of you, wrapped around every post and pamphlets just about everywhere you turn. They have taken over the city!!

Arriving at the venue it gets even better. The Century Link Center is beautiful, clean, spectacular and very easy to navigate. The information desk as you walk in is manned by a be-zillion volunteers who are just waiting to help...and do. If you are looking for a specific room or place to be they will walk you to it and then ask if they can "DO ANYTHING" else to help. 
Today is the first of the 'real' competition, yesterday was a warm-up. Riders got 90 seconds in the main ring and could jump or not, as they wished. Even though it was only a 1.40m course it certainly gave the horses a chance to see the ring and the riders a chance to get a feel of the ring with their horses. All and all I didn't see anything to worry about, the footing seemed great and the lighting exceptional!!
Order of Go Draw
Wednesday evenings Order of Go Party was amazing and I have been to a lot of them. We gathered at the Hilton (across the street from the Century Link) and buses picked us all up. Our destination was The Omaha Zoo where it started off with an open reception time get together, then we were ushered into the IMAX theater for the draw, then a short walk to the aquarium for a tour of the ocean exhibit and a super dinner with all sort of stations to chose from...and the food was delicious!!!  

The place was packed with lots of laughter as people got to actually be up close and personal with the riders and owners and event staff. I had a great conversation with the Hungarian rider and his owner.
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