September 4th, 2019
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN,

Welcome to fall! We are jumping into the new TV network season and, believe it or not, preparing for the Christmas season of TV shows and features. We need your prayers to bring the Lord into everything that's happening in Hollywood. Let's pray!
Justin Bieber leading worship

We praise God that Justin Bieber led worship at his church in Los Angeles, Churchome, last week. Justin has been open about his faith and journey with God, and now is serving God and his church by using his musical gift for praise and worship. Let's thank God for Justin's faith, and pray for him and his wife Hailey to continue growing deeper in their relationships with Jesus!
Loneliness in Hollywood

Loneliness is one of the strongest forces in Hollywood, and it impacts everyone – Christians and non-Christians alike. Personal and professional relationships are often shallow and fleeting, since "transience is the very essence of the entertainment business." Please pray against a spirit of isolation in Hollywood, and pray for God to strengthen and deepen relationships and community everywhere in the industry. Let's ask Jesus to make His presence known to everyone here, so they know they are never truly alone.
Emmy Awards

The 71st Emmy Awards will be held on September 22nd at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The show will not have a host for the fourth time in its history. Let's pray for the nominees, whether they win or go home empty-handed. Also, please pray that the Christian viewers will not judge the people on the stage, but pray for them, so that the Lord is invited into their hearts and lives with His love, joy, peace, grace and salvation. Your prayers from your homes make an eternal difference!
Film and TV composers

Pray for composers of TV and film music, whose work is vital to the emotional and spiritual impact of on-screen stories. Nicholas Britell, who composes the music for Succession, explained that he often considers the questions "how does an audience respond or absorb certain ideas, and how does that then translate into the emotion you feel hours and hours later?" As composers use their God-given talents to tap into viewers' emotions and impact them personally, pray for them to experience the love of Jesus through the Christians around them, and even through their own creative work.
Influential Christians renouncing their faith

Pray for visible and influential Christians and Christian leaders who renounce their faith. For example, Marty Sampson of Hillsong Worship and Joshua Harris, the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, have both stepped away from their walk with Jesus. That happens in Hollywood and everywhere else as well, and as Christians we are asking you to pray for them and invite the Holy Spirit to renew them and their faith. We can't judge or gossip, because we are all in the process of our own spiritual journey. Join HPN in lifting them up, praying with a hope that will not disappoint us. We want them to experience more of Jesus's unconditional love through Christians walking alongside them and embracing them. Your prayers now can start a revolution of love.
Pinewood Studios in Atlanta

Pray for Dan Cathy (owner of Chick-fil-A) and his investment and production team, who has taken over 100% ownership of the Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The British Pinewood owners sold the Atlanta property and are focusing more on production facilities in England, so Atlanta is getting stronger than ever by fully owning and running these huge soundstages. Please pray for wisdom, integrity and lots of business for the Atlanta team.
Enjoy the start of September! And as always, feel free to respond with your thoughts – we love hearing from you!

With love,
Karen, Erin, Virginia, and Kim 
Hollywood Chapter: Heroes & Villains Workshop
Saturday, Sept. 14th, 4:00pm
In a world of heroes and villains lighting up the screens and splashed on pages, what do they have to do with beauty in our own humanity? Engage in a workshop with Brian S. Chan of discovering the psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of how these character archetypes inspire a universal concept of beauty of self and life, in accordance with God's arc.
Los Angeles Prayer Gathering with IJM
Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 2:00pm – Hollywood
International Justice Mission is bringing the fight to end global slavery to you! Gather together as the Los Angeles community to engage in the hard work of prayer for the end of modern-day slavery.
Hope4Hollywood Fall Retreat
Saturday, Sept. 28th – Manhattan Beach
Join the ladies of Hope4Hollywood for a Royal Retreat! Identify the myths about your worthiness and learn practical strategies to step into your royal identity as a daughter of Christ.
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"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."
— John 14:34-35
"Film and entertainment are a pervasively important part of our culture, an extremely significant influence on the way our society operates. People in the film industry don't want to accept the responsibility that they had a hand in the way the world is loused up. But, for better or worse, the influence of the church, which used to be all-powerful, has been usurped by film. Film and television tell us the way we conduct our lives, what is right and wrong."
George Lucas
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