Call to Action: SB 1062
WFA Needs Your Help

We regret to report that the legislation to ban the elephant guide/bullhook, Senate Bill 1062, authored by Senator Lara, has cleared the legislature and been sent to the Governor's desk. This legislation has dangerous implications for all human-animal contact at fairgrounds, both in California and around the country.SB 1062 is nearly identical a the bill that Governor Brown vetoed last year. Throughout this bill's journey, Western Fairs and the California Fairs Alliance have been opposed to this legislation and author and his supporters have refused to accept any proposed compromise.

There was lots of behind-the-scenes work by our members and legislative team last year to educate the Governor and staff about the vital importance of the elephant guide. Our experience last year showed us that the most effective strategy to communicate our message to the Governor was through summoning expert testimony and demonstrating the current laws already in place for safe and appropriate use of the elephant guide.

Because of this, we've refrained from asking you, our entire membership, for letters and help throughout the process. Now — at this final hurdle — we ask for your participation to help make a difference.

A veto from Governor Brown will be our Last chance to stop SB 1062, and we need your help.

What We Ask

Our efforts to seek a veto of SB 1062 will have three components:

  • Letters from leadership.
We have attached a draft of the letter from CFA Chair Munson and WFA President Quaid. We are also drafting letters from our Ag Council leaders.

  • External Support
We are reaching out to the California Ag Teachers, the Farm Bureau, the Cattleman's Association, and others asking them to join our opposition effort

  • Industry Opposition
This is where we need your help. We know that the supporters of SB 1062, the animal rights activists, will be flooding the Governor's email and social media once the bill as been sent to his desk. We would like to collect input from our members and deliver it in a single package directly to the Governor.

We need our members to take two steps:

1. Write a letter or email to the Governor expressing your concerns with SB 1062 and requesting a veto.

2. Send those letters or emails directly to Western Fairs. 

Mail to:
Western Fairs Association
1776 Tribute Road, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95815

Email to:

We will then compile and deliver your correspondence.
Our deadline is one week from today - Tuesday, August 23 - and we plan to deliver the opposition package directly.
Thank you for your participation. 

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