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Molecules of Emotions (Bi-Weekly Class)
Lumberville Bridge Walk
 ~Molecules of Emotions~
Bi-weekly Friday classes with Body-Psychotherapist Ute Arnold

Our cellular body-stories hold on to abuse, trauma, abandonment, chronic pain, relationship issues etc., therefore create illness and interferes with wellness?
What if you could uncover the underlying wellness story deeply and safely buried in the cellular memory of your muscles, organs, brain tissue etc....
Join a loving community of Kindred spirits and experiment outrageously with ridiculous courage through
LISTENING TOUCH (Alexander technique), BODY TALK (Gestalt therapy), Unergi MICRO MOVEMENT, the HEALING FORCES OF NATURE, and the ARTS.
UNERGI Body-Psychotherapy changes belief systems and therefor the body story. 

Every other Friday 9:30-12:30 am in Pt. Pleasant, PA at the Blue Bamboo
Fee: $90 per class for 6 consecutive sessions
$130 for drop ins
Contact me with your questions: Ute Arnold, or

First Monthly Bridge Walk April 30th, 2017

To save the sacred water, air, trees, creatures, humans and our planet.

Join me on the LAST SUNDAY 12pm - 1 pm every month on the Lumberville bridge across the Delaware river from PA to N.J. (Parking on the N.J. side on Bulls island)

BRIDGING and including all people, all races, all religions, all politics until we cover all the bridges on the Delaware river. 

Gathering to raise awareness and create community. 
Schmoozing possible afterwards in the over 200 year old Lumberville General store for coffee or lunch.
First Bridge Walk April 30th, 2017

Video of the first walk in support of the EPA on April 25th

By Lottie (7yrs old)

Photos & Videos Credit: Scott Seraydarian
May 20th at the Blue Bamboo Studio in Pt. Pleasant Pa.

It has been said that 'ART will Save the World'. I believe this.
- Through intensity of
- The quick or patient flow of a LINE
- The HUMAN SHAPE and SOUL that invites our HANDS and EYES to travel and speak directly with bones, muscles and nervous system into creation.
- Awaken
HEALING while we paint with brilliant French textile dyes soaked up by silk 
- A flight of a Creative act that reaches into our soul and opens us to immediate JOY

1 day of complete immersion in a holistic painting process with body and art in nature.
Fee: $150 - includes all materials and steaming

Location: Blue Bamboo Studio in Pt. Pleasant (near New Hope, PA)
Time: May 20th, 10am - 5pm
Food: (not included) from local take outs, or bring your own.

Our PEACE ROOM is physically located in the BLUE BAMBOO STUDIO 
in Pt. Pleasant, PA
It was manifested by a gofundme campaign in 2015. 
It's magnifying force will travel to every dark corner in you and the world.

Let's hold the light at the edge
of the fine line we travel together now
graced by swaying blue bamboo
one side to fall into the pit of destined darkness
but the other side, oh yes the other side
it holds my hand and the sky and you