What Does Summer Break Mean for Ministry?

As humans, we definitely need breaks. But God doesn't. So how does God keep working through all of us while still providing rest and renewal in the summer?

Ministry continues here at Advent, even as things are a bit slower. This summer has been a time of respite, new territories, quiet and warm mornings in the sanctuary, and eager anticipation of the future. A group of congregants relaxed in beautiful nature surroundings at our annual Congregational Retreat in June. We launched an exciting, ambitious new intergenerational and bilingual program, Summer Suppers, in July. Our sanctuary has been dotted with white paper fans on Sunday mornings as congregants stay committed to worshiping together, even on really warm mornings. Our Old Testament preaching series has delivered fresh sermons on texts that never get preached on in our regular liturgical calendar. A group of us has traveled to El Salvador and back, returning with eye-opening experiences, real relationships, and incredible stories--many of which they have shared poignantly in their blog. All the while, we’ve been looking forward to claiming full use of our space in the fall, and our Call Committee has been at work searching for our new Senior Pastor. Wow, that's a lot.
And now . . .
This last month of summer is a time of planning here at Advent, as our staff begins channeling their energy and creativity into our programs that start in the fall. But we don't want just our staff to be planning. They are supporters, facilitators, and leaders -- but this congregation is a body that takes every member to really come to life. You are valued part of this community, and your involvement this fall will undoubtedly enrich and enliven our ministry.

Here's how summer break empowers ministry:
The grace of this long summer break is that it provides the opportunity to reflect, plan meaningfully, and act intentionally. Why not use the respite of summer to reflect on how you will engage in community and service here at Advent this fall? What would you like to learn? What would you like to do with others here? How can you serve this community? What issues do you feel we should talk about or act on as a community?
Have thoughts already about what would be meaningful for you to do at Advent this fall? Let us know what you're thinking. In the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing a great many opportunities for learning, service, and fellowship this fall. A few are already listed below.
More Opportunities for You
Advocate for a more diverse representation of our country at our National Parks and Monuments. Filling out this quick form will add your signature a petition by Creation Justice Ministry to make sure the stories of America's history that our Parks and Monuments highlight, as well as the workforces that staff them, reflect the beauty of our nation's racial/ethnic diversity and gender balance.
A relaxed, contemplative way to serve on Sunday mornings. Here is a way to contribute to the worship life of our congregation in a simple, peaceful way. On Altar Guild, all you do is setup our altar for worship on the occasional Sunday. Our Altar Guild members love doing it! Even better, you can learn how easy and rewarding it is before committing to join.
Give blood at our upcoming Blood Drive. Your blood can be life-giving for a New Yorker in need of serious medical treatment. Stop by our Blood Drive conducted by the New York Blood Center on Sunday, August 21 between 8:30am to 1pm.
Donate school supplies to our School Supply Drive. We're collecting school supplies to distribute to families in need. Please bring contributions to our collection box at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings or Monday through Saturday between 10am-5pm by August 20.
Help distribute food at our Food Pantry Saturday, August 7. Our Food Pantry is especially in need of volunteers in August as many "regulars" are out of town. Could you help distribute groceries to our neighbors in need this Saturday? Let our ministry leader Frankie know you can help by email her at frankie@adventnyc.org 
Dinner, worship, and Bible study. Join us for two remaining Wednesday evenings of intergenerational and bilingual dinner, worship, and Bible study at Summer Suppers on August 3, and August 10. We are having a blast with great music, skits, food, and activities. Learn more.
Talk with our Call Committee. Our Call Committee has begun the search for our new Senior Pastor. Click here to see the members of our Call Committee, and to share your questions and thoughts.
Catch the next sermon in our Summer Preaching Series this Sunday. Our summer preaching series on the Old Testament salvation stories continues this Sunday with a sermon on the Valley of Dry Bones preached by Pastor Ann. Watch previous sermons on our YouTube channel.
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Gospel Text | Luke 12:32–40: Jesus speaks about the Kingdom of God.
Old Testament Reading | Ezekiel 37:1-14: The Valley of Dry Bones
Preaching | Pastor Ann at 9am & 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills 12:45pm Spanish worship
Presiding | Pastor Mills at 9am & 11am English worship, and 12:45pm Spanish worship
Liturgy | Now the Feast and Celebration
Summer Choir | Meet at 10:15am to rehearse and sing Come and Feast by Deanna Witkowski at 11am Worship
Sunday School | Taking a summer break until Rally Day Sunday, September 18
Adult Conversation | Meets at 10:10am in the basement fellowship hall. Pastor Tiemeyer will lead a discussion about the day's readings.
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