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We are now live with our brand
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Set up an account here to begin ordering groceries, gifts, beer and wine. If you are already a Friend of the Farm, great!  Set up your new account with the same contact information. 
We are working hard to optimize the site for mobile phones, but for now the site works best if used from a traditional computer or lap-top

Please bear with us as we navigate this new system and continue to expand our items and offerings in the coming days.  Give us a call or
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Time to Get Dirty!
Temps are steadily rising and the outdoors are getting greener by the day. Spring is happening and we are here to help you make the most of your garden pots, landscapes and window boxes.  Things might be a bit different these days, but our Garden Center and staff have only been ramping up!  Call us, email us, Instagram us, Facebook message us...we are here to answer your questions and get you set up with the garden of your dreams!
Are your indoor plants in need of some T.L.C.? We can help! Call us to talk about options
Blooming Creations is Open
Blooming is up and running!
Step 1. Call us to discuss potting options and to schedule
drop off for your existing pots
Step 2: We plant and pamper them...
Step 3: You pick them up when they're finished!
Step 4: Enjoy all season!
(or... begin at step 1 again when Summer starts!)
Ready to Hang...available now!
24 inch pre-planted window boxes, ready to go, $34.99
Spring Baskets! $19.99
Need to start your planters from scratch? The Garden Center is bursting with beautiful new planters in a variety of colors and styles!
Show us Your Garden and Win Big!
Enter Our Spring Garden Photo Contest!
To help make up for the lack of Daffodil day, we are hosting a photo contest for everyone to participate in! Send us photos of your 2020 Spring Gardens,  what that garden looks like is totally up to you! -
First place: $100 to Bartlett’s Garden Center
Second place: $50 to Bartlett’s Garden Center
Third Place: $25 to Bartlett’s Garden Center

Submissions accepted through Friday April 24th. Winners will be announced Monday April 27th. All submissions will be posted to our Facebook page.
Voting will be done by the public “liking” the submissions along with a panel of Bartlett’s judges.
DIY Spring Gardening Ideas
We still have plenty of seeds and more on the way!
Plant Perennials! -Perennial trees and shrubs are the cornerstone of any backyard or garden design. Investing in perennial plants; fruit trees and shrubs will pay dividends each year with bigger blooms, bushier branches and beautiful fruit! Follow this link for our complete list of perennial trees and shrubs. We are especially smitten with these espaliered apple trees, pictured at right!
Grow Peas!
a low maintenance and budget-friendly structure for your peas to climb! Order seeds here
Start Tomatoes
from Seed!
Obviously we will have plenty of Farm grown tomatoes for sale this summer, but having a few ornamental tomato plants to snack from on your patio never hurts! Find some great tips here!
Need more inspiration?
Check out this list of cool ideas to add plants and greenery to porches, patios and small outdoor spaces.
Farm Grown is Rolling In
Click here to order Farm Grown Greens!
Get in on These Great Sales
Kids at Home? Boredom, Solved
Busting Boredom with Kate O'Brien, Gift Manager at Bartlett's Farm-
"As the mom of a 4 year old, I know that keeping the kids entertained is a big job right now.  I have reached out to some great independent makers for unique boredom buster activities.  All of these are available for curbside pickup.  Fun and social distancing, all in one.
Possibly my favorite new items are the pizza puzzles from Stellar Factory. Available in Meat Lovers or Veggie Supreme, these 550 piece puzzles are challenging and whimsical.  Using symbols on the back of the pieces, you can sort this puzzle into slices before starting.  Turn puzzle night into game night by seeing who can complete their slice of the pie first!
Click here to order!
I have always left slime as a school activity because we all know how messy it can get.  But, desperate times call for desperate measures, and this Shake Slime Kit from Doodle Hog gets rid of (most) of the mess.  Kids can shake up the slime in one of the cups provided and then add some 'mixins' all on their own.  No chemistry required!
These books and playset kits from Storytime Toys are perfect for much needed quiet time.  Snuggle up and read a classic story, assemble the play scene and let your child’s imagination run wild.  Have them tell you their own version of the story, with some childhood theatrics thrown in.
In our family, baking has become an almost daily activity.  These sets from Handstand Kitchen  take our baking adventures to a whole other level!  The ultimate baking kits include cupcake molds, cookie cutters, themed spatula, frosting bag with extra tips, recipe booklet, and stickers.  Donuts, unicorns, llamas or dinos, no matter what you choose, kids will love trying out new recipes. Pick up some all-natural sprinkles from Supernatural  to soup up your decorating game as well!
Click here to order!
Want meal time to last a little bit longer?  Give the kids a little edible paint and let them play with their food.  Noshi Food Paint is really nothing more than organic fruit puree but I won’t tell the kids if you don’t.  Play tic-tac-toe on waffles, draw a face on a sandwich, or turn a pancake into a palette.  Whatever keeps ‘em busy, right?

These great mom & pop companies were the first to get their product to us but we have even more coming.  We have new outdoor toys, games and craft kits on the way.  Keep checking the gift curbside list for updates!
Click here to order!
Dinner is Served, Curbside
New Saturday Special!
You can call, visit our website for ordering options or view our menu on ACK Eats for delivery! order by phone: 508.228.9403 ext 118
2019 Rosé is Rolling in!
Rosé Season has officially commenced! 
 Look for many more to be added as the days lengthen and sunshine becomes more abundant. Order Here!

A Reminder that the Farm is Currently
Curbside Pick Up Only
We strongly encourage our customers over 60 to use our curbside program as well.  As per the Governor’s order, we will be open from 8:00 am to 9:00 am only for walk-in customers over 60 years of age; one person per party will be allowed. Orders will be placed by phone, email and soon through our new E-commerce site linked through our website. For current offerings click here
We thank you for working with us as we strive to provide you with the service and products you have come to expect from us, while we operate under the cloud of COVID - 19.
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