Did you know?
Standing Reservations Cleanup Campaign
posted September 27, 2019
Dear Scampers family -

We absolutely appreciate that you have all chosen Scampers to care for your fuzzy family members. We love them all and wish we could accommodate everyone who is making reservation requests to us.

However, we are finding that we are forced to turn folks away each day, as we have become busier and busier. To provide an example, on Tuesday, between our two locations we had 60 reservations that resulted in No Shows! That is fully 1/3 of our ultimate attendance, which makes the process of responding to new requests very challenging, as we must always keep the safety of the dogs in mind.

Rather than going to the extreme of charging for No Shows, we are going to expunge our system of any current Standing Reservations for those dogs who, based on a significant number of No Shows, are clearly not planning to use their reserved days anymore.

Then, for those of you who plan to use Scampers on a regular, reliable pattern, we ask you to please let us know what your attendance plans are, so that we can get them reserved in our system accurately. Simply click on this link to generate an email and then include your dog’s name(s) and desired attendance, or speak to us when dropping off or picking up, and we will get those reservations set up for you.

Thank you very much!
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