Thank You and Congratulations!
Open Space Bill Becomes Law!

Late into the hours of last night, Thursday, June 30th, Governor Chris Christie officially signed the new open space bill, S2456 into law!!

This is the culmination of the efforts of so many individuals, organizations, and our legislative champs, and is very proud day for the New Jersey Highlands Coalition. Please take in the joy of this amazing accomplishment — and thank you for everything you did to make this happen.

This means open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs are able to get money on the ground across the state starting today, July 1, 2016, day one of the new fiscal year!!  

​On behalf of the New Jersey Highlands Coalition have a Happy 4th of July and enjoy this great victory of which you should be hugely proud!

​About the New Jersey Highlands Coalition

We represent a diverse network of organizations - small and large, local, regional, statewide and national - and individuals with the common goal to protect, enhance and restore the New Jersey Highlands and to preserve the quality and quantity of drinking water both for the 850,000 people in the Highlands as well as the more than 4.6 million people in Northern and Central New Jersey who depend on Highlands water. For more information visit our website:

Thank you for all of your support! 
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