Nailheads are a classic furniture detail. While there may be a cyclicality to enthusiasm for nailhead use, they’ve been very ‘in’ for a while and their appeal shows no sign of abating.
Occasionally nailheads are essential to the upholstering process but typically they are an optional decorative appliqué​.  Large or small, neatly head-to-head or spaced apart, nailheads look great as borders or fanciful accents on everything from chairs (see below!) and sofas to headboards and cabinet doors. 

Remember, if they look like they’re stamped on a metal ribbon, that's an inexpensive alternative to the real thing.  Don’t confuse them with tacks which look like small nails with oversized heads.  Pre-staple gun, tacks were used to secure muslin (underneath the surface material).  Recently the tack-secured jute sack-cloth shabby/retro look soared but that somewhat faddy balloon seems to have lost most of its air just as quickly.

Nailheads aren't quite as fun as a bucket of water balloons but they do offer infinite creative possibilities to add dimension, detail and interest.  Use them to make your frame more Western or more Southern, more city or more country, more center stage or more in the wings.

Indeed, when you get your look right, you've nailed it.
Rio Amstel Chair

“Oh, a barrel chair – ho, hum, they’re pretty much all the same, right?”

Allow us to take a nanosecond to respond to that. “No.”

Our Rio Amstel is like a tuxedo from Savile Row: across the room it looks great (it’s a tuxedo after all), but up close you can immediately tell it’s not off the rack. Then you wear one.

Yes.  This is special.

It might be the luxurious piErgonom spring-down seat cushion or possibly the subtle yet pronounced lumbar bolster.  Or it’s how you feel, transported to your lounge in Amsterdam, cradling your ice-cold Genever gin while eyeing the freshly-pulled pilsner chaser.  Editor's note:  I just took a break in the Rio Amstel across from my desk: that's exactly what happened.

Sustainable this, hand-tied that: it’s all important, but smartly ensconced in your Rio Amstel, you look and feel terrific.

The Rio Amstel: for the discerning. Tuxedo optional.​   
nantucket music center chair etesian willem smithThe HandyMensch

Mensch:  someone with integrity, honor, and a sense of what is right. 
We met Lenny Berger, owner of The HandyMensch, a few years ago and were impressed by his commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for his customers just as we are for ours.  Lenny is a practical, conscientious and very affable business owner, and his work shows it.
The HandyMensch specializes in smaller residential construction projects lasting anywhere from one day to two weeks. The business has three areas of focus:

1) Small to medium sized remodeling projects including bathrooms, basements, and room facelifts,    
2) Assisting homeowners in preparing their homes for sale, and
3) Handyman projects – typically lasting a day or two.  Shown here is a beach-themed bathroom remodel.

Thanks for reading. Sit it to believe it!
Willem Smith FurnitureWorks