Dear --FNAME--,

I'm worried. With so many states, including mine, starting to loosen restrictions even though medical professionals say it's too early, I'm continuing to self-quarantine. I'm feeling more anxious than ever about coming into contact with others, because there will be more people out wherever I go, and with social interactions on the rise, each person I encounter will now have a higher likelihood of carrying the virus . So I'm staying home, watching the numbers, and waiting for this whole thing to run its course, which I know it will eventually.

On the flip side, I worry about missing out on future plans, because as pent-up demand is released, bookings will flood in like crazy. Fast Company just reported that when Carnival Cruises recently announced their August trips, bookings shot up 600% in three days. Not only that, the number of people who booked for August 2020 was triple the number who booked for August 2019!


I'm not sure how this will all translate to Women At Woodstock. Our retreats are still scheduled to go forward, but I worry that the numbers of Covid cases may change that, and we'll all miss out. I'm sure that's on your mind too. I'm also worried that you might miss out even if we do gather in October, because all of the remaining spots filled up right when restrictions started to ease up, before you had a chance to register.  

You might be suffering from FOC/FOMO (Fear Of Cancellation/Fear Of Missing Out). What a conundrum.

So here's my advice:

Forget FOC 
I've already announced - and posted on the website as well - that if I have to cancel Women At Woodstock due to coronavirus, I will be refunding everyone's money. And don't worry that I'll push forward even if it's not safe to do so. I myself am in the at-risk group (over 65 and I also have an autoimmune disease), and I know many of you are too. No way am I going to risk my health, or yours if it's not safe. I'll call it if I have to - and then I will refund everyone's money. 

Respect Your FOMO
Once things start going back to "normal," Women At Woodstock bookings are going to shoot up again, and there aren't that many spots left to begin with! Remember, we were more than 50% booked back in early March before Covid hit. So, once registrations start coming back in, spots will be nabbed up quickly, and then there won't be any left. So I say gather up your optimism and book now.

It all boils down to:

Hope for the best. Check.
Prepare for the worst. Check.
When you register for October, you've got all bases covered.

Stay safe, stay well, and - all fingers crossed - I'll see you in October. I'm so looking forward to spending a week in the woods with all of you and celebrating life and good health!

Big virtual hugs,
Women At Woodstock starts October 20 with our Over-50 Retreat, followed by our Writers Retreat starting October 24. We're watching coronavirus updates closely, and are proceeding forward on the faith that the situation will be under control by then and our gatherings can safely go forward. But in the unhappy event that we have to cancel because of the virus, we will refund everyone's deposits and payments. 
Imagine a better time. And make sure you're there for the celebration.