The Grey Lady may be out in full force, but that won't stop us from having a good day!

Our Prize Wheel is out and ready for you to come in and spin to win!

For every $25 you spend you get
entered to win! 

Imagine everything you could ever want from the farm...

 A Breakfast Sandwich
Bartlett's Coffee Mug
Bartlett's Sweatshirt
Bartlett's Farm Beanie 
Canvas Tote
A Delicious Lunch Special
Freshly Baked Pie
even a
$25 Gift Card to BARTLETT'S FARM!

Rainy Day means Discount Day!
Don't forget your breakfast sandwich. Come before 11:00
Not in the mood to cook dinner tonight?
Grab one of our  dinners for one or two!
And why not pair it with a wonderful wine or beer? We've got it all!
The farmers know it's going to be a chilly, wet and windy weekend, make sure you stock up on firewood, kindling and fire starters!
We've got Stokes to start all your fires, kindling to get it going and dry wood to keep the warm times rolling all day long!
We know mind blowing wind out here and we know MIND BLOWING LUNCH SPECIALS!  
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