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Issue 3 Volume 7
July 2010
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Hello from CoachDeck!

Are you gearing up for fall ball? If your league is like most, the parents offering to coach this fall are not the experienced veterans. In fact, it may be the first, nervous attempt for many. Providing them with a CoachDeck to help them on the field will boost confidence and make it more likely they're willing to try again next spring.

As we told you last issue, our softball deck is coming and Sue Enquist, has signed on to oversee its creation. You can read our press release, including Sue's bio here.

Inside you'll find valuable tips on two-strike hitting, great ways for your organization to help and say thanks to others, and an article de-mystifying the various beverage choices available to kids.
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Enjoy this issue of On Deck, and thank you for all you do for youth baseball and softball.
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Winning Baseball: The Two Strike Approach Chance Reynolds
by Chance Reynolds, Former Professional Baseball Player
In the summer of 2010, there have already been two Perfect Games registered (well...actually, three, if you count Armando Galarraga's outing in which Jim Joyce's bad call with two outs in the ninth cost him a Perfect Game as well), and two more no-hitters. What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that prior to this season, there were only 18 Perfect Games recorded in history! So what in the world could cause this remarkable change of events; a new pitching philosophy, a new pitch that no one has ever seen, more velocity, more control? Read Article
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Brian Gotta Five Super Ideas Your Organization Can Try
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

At CoachDeck we talk to thousands of youth sports organizations each year. And our conversations have uncovered some wonderful, creative examples of things clubs and leagues are doing to recognize achievement, give back to the community and enrich the experience for all. So here are five excellent programs that you can put into place with little or no cost, minor effort, but great results. Read Article
More Than ERA
A Great Way to Get Pitchers to the Next Level
Do you have a son or a daughter who shows promise as a pitcher? Do they go to pitching lessons to improve? Now you can dramatically enhance the value of those sessions by accompanying them with the most important data from every trip your child makes to the mound. More Than Era's software tracks and reveals everything your pitching coach needs to know in order to make the necessary adjustments. Best of all, its incredibly simple and inexpensive to use! Learn More
Benchside Beverages: Wading Through the Sea of Choices Jodi
by Jodi Sheakley, MS, CFT

Let's face it - by keeping pace with rotating practice and tournament schedules, navigating the trials of travel, and running in multiple directions, summer is anything but uncomplicated. If you're thirsting for craving a little simplicity, read on for help on wading through the murky sea of liquids on the market: sports beverages, energy drinks, shakes, and tried-and-true H2O. Read Article
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