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Issue 1 Volume 3 June 2008
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Twenty Great Hitting Tips
My Greatest Coaching Moment
Kids Say Please Don't Do This
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We've packed some valuable information into this issue of On Deck, and we hope you'll want to share with everyone in your league.

If you're interested in learning some great tips on coaching hitting, we've got 22 of them that are easy to teach to kids of all levels. We've also included an article that we hope helps your parent-volunteer coaches put things in perspective, especially this time of year. And all parents should read our article about things they may do that their kids wish they wouldn't. We've also mixed in some terrific offers from great merchants.

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 Bryan SidensolTwenty (actually 22), Great Hitting Tips 
By Bryan Sidensol, Owner of Hitting World

There are so many theories on teaching hitting to youngsters. How do you communicate the fundamentals without making it too complicated? In this article you will find some very basic instructional points guaranteed to improve your team's batting average. Read Article.
Be a Great Hitter with Multi-Tee
Why do the pros still hit off of a tee everyday, even in the big leagues? Because tee hitting is the single best training exercise to improve a player's technique. What if there was a tool so versatile it could teach skills in ways you never imagined, yet make practice interesting enough that they'll want to hit all day long? Learn More
 Brian GottaMy Greatest Coaching Moment
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It is tournament time across the country. This is when league champions are crowned and then square off against champs from other leagues. Soon, all-stars will begin and thousands of kids will put aside those team jerseys they wore all season, joining forces with former rivals to represent their entire league. I've shared many great moments during this time of year while coaching my kids. But my greatest coaching moment came long before I had kids... Read Article
Pitch Count Watch
A "Must-Have" for Every All-Star Team 

The Pitch Count Watch tracks your pitcher and the opposing pitcher conveniently with an attractive and multi-functional wristwatch! Also includes stopwatch, time and date functions. You'll wonder how you ever coached without it! Costs less than an ordinary sports watch! Learn more.
Darrell Burnett Ten Things Kids Say They Don't Want You to Do
By Dr. Darrell Burnett, Certified Sports Psychologist

Most parents of young athletes have their hearts in the right place, but watching our children compete can be one of the most emotional experiences we go through as parents. Look at this article and see if you've ever made the top (or bottom) ten list. Read Article.