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Winter Time Fishing
Sight Fishing in Clear Water
St. Simons Island, GA
December and January mean big schools of red fish in clear water.  Grandfather and Grandson came down for a day.  We found this spotless red fish in about 12" of water.  First red fish ever for Brandon
The trip to Ascension Bay for February 11-18, 2017 is full.  I am putting together another trip to Casa Viejo Chac April 22 to 29.  There are several openings left.  Get in touch with me to spend a week fishing in paradise.
December and January were all about sight fishing for Red Fish in clear water.
The Water:
  The water in St. Simons begins to clear as the water temps approach the 60's.  The micro organisms and algae, which make our fishery so rich, die and settle to the bottom.  On half moon tides, we have small tidal changes and the water becomes so clear you can see several feet down. There are a few places I fish where the water is normally clear even on higher tides. It is so much easier sight fishing red fish when you can see the fish rather than just fishing to pushes and wakes.
The Fishing:
This time of year, I fish mud flats and the backs of creeks.  I look for mud flats with a combination of lots of oysters and grass.  Low tides concentrate the fish.  Low tides from late morning until mid afternoon expose the mud flats which absorb heat from the sun.  When the water comes back in and covers the flats and oysters, the water warms which attract the red fish. After the water comes in, I move to the backs of creeks.  You will see schools from three or four fish to over a hundred fish at this time of year. Since the fish are bunched up, they aren't everywhere.  Keep moving until you find the fish.
The flies:
   I included tying instruction for my go to fly for winter time red fish.  I think it is a variation of a spawning shrimp.  Other great flies for winter time are the St. Simons Scampi and the Prawn's revenge.  The No Name fly in gold has also produced when the water is dirty.  Depending upon water clarity, sometimes in clear water a 12-14 ft leader is needed. In clear water, I downsize my tippet to 12-15 lbs as well.

Winter weather in SSI is typically mild.  We have highs up to 70 and lows in the 30's.  If you can fish two or three days after a cold front has come through, usually the wind is calm and the sky is bright.  

Trout have been hard to find.  We had huge rains last week and there is lots of fresh water in the area.  This will push through in a few days, and things will get back to normal.  
But who cares about trout?  Who would want to do anything other than sight fish with a fly rod for red fish when the conditions are so good? Give me a call to enjoy some of the finest fishing for red fish on the east coast.
Capt. Dave Edens

Winter time Red Fish Fly
I fish smaller, more life like flies in the winter.  Tan seems to be the best color.  This is an adaptation of a fly a client gave me last year.  It has been my go to fly so far this winter.

​​​​​​​Tie in K flash and V rib
Dub a tan body
Invert fly. Wrap V rib forward, and tie off.  Tie in small lead eyes and mono shrimp eyes.
Tie in rubber legs
Tie in a full bunch of tan Craft Fur
To complete the fly, tie in a mono weed guard, whip finish, bar craft fur with marker and cement head. 
I am hosting a trip to Casa Viejo Chac beginning in 11 days.  This is six full days in fly fishing paradise.  I will have a report after we return.
If you are interested in fly fishing for bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook and other species, get in touch with me about the trip in April.  I have several spots left.  This is an amazingly affordable trip,  Contact me for more info:
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This is the back window of my Silver Toyota Tacoma truck.  It is pretty much unmistakable.
If you see me riding around St. Simons or anywhere else, stop me, say hello and let's talk Fly Fishing.