Question of the Week * January 7, 2016
Dear --FNAME--,

If you live on the Treasure Coast, we invite you to be with us for our January seminar this Saturday!  See below for all the details.

If you're still thinking about upgrading to Windows 10, or if you have and you're struggling, we invite you to watch our four Windows 10 webinars.  You can view them as many times as you want and they are free!  You'll find them listed at the bottom of this page:

Just a reminder:  if you're a Windows Vista user, you really need to think about upgrading.  There are so many limitations with Windows Vista now and the operating system is old enough that you are really losing out on the advantages of a newer, faster computer. 

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January Seminar
January 9, 2016
10:00 a.m.-12 Noon
Our January seminar is this Saturday!  If you live on Florida's Treasure Coast, we hope you can join us.  The cost is still $8 per person.  The seminar is entitled "It's An iTunes Day!"  We're going to start the seminar with the end of our photo coverage (including picture taking, saving, fixing and sharing) so we hope you'll join us! It should be a great seminar and we hope you can join us. 
When:  This Saturday, January 9th * 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon
Where:  Trinity United Methodist Church
                2221 NE Savannah Rd
                Jensen Beach, FL  34957 *  Get directions by clicking HERE.

Question of the Week
Question:  "A friend just told me about a site called Rainierland. By clicking on a link, you can stream movies that are currently playing at the movie theaters. I am wondering whether it is legal, can you get in trouble for watching movies on it, can you get viruses or malware, etc.?"

Answer:  Steaming video is so widespread now, it seems like it's everywhere. Many of us use sites like Netflix to watch TV programs and movies.  But, sites like Netflix charge a monthly fee.  What about sites like the one mentioned in our Question of the Week?

As we told the customer who asked this question, it's a very good question but the answer to parts of it are not clear-cut.  

When we looked at the particular site mentioned in the question, we found no real risk of Malware or viruses.  However, we would caution that other streaming video websites which don't charge a fee may not be as clean.  (Another reason we like Vipre as our anti-virus/firewall - it does just an excellent job of blocking bad sites.)

When it comes to the legality of the site, that's where the answer becomes a bit unclear.  Some people feel that if you are watching a current movie and not paying for the movie or the service in general, then you are, in fact, in violation of Copyright laws.  Others say that the owner is paying and just sharing so there's no harm done.  While the final decision is yours, from our perspective, if someone creates a product that has resale value, they should be paid for its use.