November 22, 2017
Rooted in Gratitude
There is always more to be fixed, accomplished, or acquired. This isn't inherently bad -- that there is always work ahead. But have you ever gotten tunnel vision? Discouraged, tired, overwhelmed?

From this vantage point, gratitude can seem like a triviality. In reality, it's an antidote. Gratitude is like suddenly rediscovering your roots, the water that nourishes you, and the sun that shines on you. Get to know these things. When we lose touch with gratitude, growth and progress can feel even harder and less possible. Inversely, being rooted in a joyful awareness of the gifts, talents, resources, and blessings God has freely given you -- this can nourish and strengthen you.

This week of Thanksgiving, I invite you to meditate on these questions: What are the roots in your life? What's the water? How have you already grown this year? Who has helped you? What gifts have you received? How is God's love shining on you through your experiences and through others?

Living rooted in gratitude emboldens us to live into the Kingdom of God. It strengthens us to be generous and loving. To face the brokenness and division in this world, and still live into the hope of the Gospel. To reach for our goals, believing them possible.

May gratitude surprise you and renew you abundantly this week. Happy Thanksgiving!
Tithing | Pastor Danielle
In this video, Pastor Danielle talks about her and her husband Joel's decision to tithe, which means giving 10% of your income to the church. Joel was in medical school. Pastor Danielle had just finished seminary and had student debt. And Pastor Danielle was looking for a job. So why and how did they do it?
Watch Pastor Danielle's Story
Make a Giving Commitment for 2018
As we use this time to grow in our awareness of and gratitude for everything God has given us, we also invite everyone who is part of this faith community to discern how you will give your financial gifts, time, and talents to God's mission at Advent in 2018.

We know it's a big decision. We ask you move forward in faith that God is bigger, knowing God's work is bigger. We challenge you to be generous, to be visionary, to trust that God will provide. Making a commitment now strengthens our ministry because our 2018 budget is based on these stewardship commitments.

You can fill out a commitment form quickly and confidentially online, using the button below or anytime on our website under "Giving." Thank you for discerning, for trusting, and for giving. We are going to do amazing ministry in 2018.
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Learn More about the Impact of Your Giving
New Thanks-Giving Video | Sarah & Rebecca
In this week's "Thanks-Giving" video: Rebecca and her daughter Sarah talk about what they're grateful for about their faith community here at Advent. Rebecca shares how Advent has supported her as a parent, offered her community, and given her meaningful opportunities to help people. Sarah talks about how Advent gave her a positive faith foundation and sense of relationship with God.
Watch Sarah & Rebecca's "Thanks-Giving"
The Advent Season & Christmas
Take a look ahead at the important dates coming up this Advent season. Our Christmas Tree Sale fundraiser, Wednesday evening worship, Christmas Eve worship times, and more.
Explore Advent & Christmas Dates
More Upcoming Opportunities
Sunday Singers will be singing at 11am worship this Sunday. All are welcome! Rehearsal at 10:20am Sunday in the sanctuary.

LaMP is hosting a Midnight Breakfast Study Break! We are looking for three volunteers on December 12 from 9pm-1pm. Email Pastor Becca at if you can help out.

A winter retreat at Koinonia will include several members of our community the weekend of Dec 15-17. Interested in joining? Email Kathy at or visit to learn more.
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
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This Sunday
Gospel | Matthew 25:1-13
Preaching | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:45pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary at 12:45pm worship in Spanish
Music Minister | Frank Martignetti
Sunday Singers | Sings at 11am worship
Sunday School | Meets at 10:05am in the sanctuary
Adult Conversation | Meets at 10:10am in the basement fellowship hall. Pastor Sudbrock will lead a Pt. 1 of a study on the Gospel of Mark.
Thanks-Giving Potluck | 12pm in the basement fellowship hall
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