Organic Greens by the Tractor Full and some Strawberries, for now...
No U-pick this year, but WE have been picking Organic Strawberries!
The cold and wet Spring has given way to consecutive weeks of sun and heat, boosting our strawberry crop yields enough for our farmers to be able to pick some for the Market each morning. These are VERY limited and are first come, first served.
$8 per quart
Head Lettuce is now in the Market regularly!
Hydro is Hopping! Clockwise from top; Hydro basil and lettuce seen in the hydro house. Basil is available in the Market daily. Mesclun mix is sweet and delicous! A new field-grown greens mix is in the house called "Cheap Frills", chock full of frilly varieties of baby greens and kale! Hydro greens mix with bok choy and mustards are
perfect for stir frying.
Strawberry Shortcake from
the Kitchen!
Available all weekend! Yummy strawberry shortcake with Farm grown strawberries, available in the dessert case.
Less Time Waiting...
More Time Enjoying
We are currently at a 50 person capacity in the store due to Covid restrictions, and we want to do everything in our power to continue to offer a safe, happy and memorable shopping experience for all of our customers. If you love our breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and nightly dinner specials and are heading over to pick some up,  please help us by doing one of the following!
Call your order in to us for curbside delivery!

Have a group? Send one person in to order while the family waits outside. 

Call your order in while at the Farm and we will
run it out to you!

Click the menus, below, for a larger,
printable version of each one
Happy National Pollinator Week
Did you know that pollinators (like honey bees), are responsible for the successful cultivation of one in every three bites of food worldwide?

A truly mind-blowing fact...pollinator animals (there are over 1,000 of them) are often considered keystone species, meaning that they are critical to an ecosystem. The work of pollinators ensures full harvests of crops and contributes to healthy plants everywhere, including here at Bartlett's Farm. In recognition of National Pollinator Week, read on to learn about how Bartlett's is supporting these unsung "Essential Workers". Read on below!

Miss Bee Haven!
"My relationship with Bartlett’s Farm goes back to first grade, 1971, when I began riding the Hummock Pond school bus route every morning out to the Bartlett’s house on the farm to pick up Cindy, John and eventually the twins..."

Click here to read the whole interview with longtime friend and employee of the Farm, Linda Humphries, of Miss Bee Haven Honey Company. Linda has recently moved her hives to the Farm’s former oxen pen, where they are thriving in their new home.
A Different Kind of
"Essential Worker!"
Well it’s that week that all gardeners hold near and dear to their hearts with dirty hands…It's Pollinator Week!!  This week bring awareness to and celebrate all the critters that help us in the garden and on the Farm- 

The Big 4: Bats, Bees, Birds, and Butterflies-
Hilary Armour, Garden Center Manager at Bartlett's Farm

Sunnylife is Back in the Gift Department
This summer is all about the backyard and days on the beach, so make sure you're decked out with the season's best products! 
Sunnylife is an Australian outdoor living brand that focuses on having fun outside.  All of their products are bright and colorful; they just scream summer!  Water play doesn’t have to end at the beach, the Penguin Splash pad and sprinkler hopscotch will keep the kiddos entertained right in the backyard.
No matter where you are, Sunnylife has speakers to keep the music pumping. Their Beach Sounds radios keep your phone safe from the elements while playing your favorite tunes. They also have a couple of Bluetooth options, including a floating pool speaker with lighting effects.
They have plenty of floaties for everyone in the family, from the explorer baby seat to the adult size unicorn float.  
If you’re leaving the beach just in time for a friend’s BBQ, a Cocktail Party Kit makes a great grab and go gift for your host.  These sets include coasters, paper straws, cocktail umbrellas, stirrers, & reusable ice cubes all packed inside a 20 oz cocktail shaker - perfect for a backyard get together.
Clean, Happy Hands and Homes
Cleaning products and hand sanitizers have been in short supply since the Covid 19 outbreak began.  From mom and pop companies pivoting quickly to make hand sanitizer and masks to bigger brands boosting supplies ten-fold, it's been a wild ride sourcing these products! We think our selection is pretty special, so come out and find a new favorite! 
Save the Date
July 4th- Independence Day

Farm Produce Truck begins week of 4th of July!