New Streetscape Products
Kendo Trash Can
Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack
Here's a quick run-down on new products at Streetscapes.

(1) Precast concrete street furniture including bollards, supersized flower pots, city benches, trash cans and recycling stations with cast in place or ink jet logos.  Concrete site furniture is maintenance free, durable and built to last.

(2) Lightweight GFRC seat wall benches - light enough for roof decks and gardens but strong enough to double as landscape boundaries.  The Urban and Wilshire seat wall benches are available with straight, 45º and 90º components. The Rune benches are available in three models with two different back styles.

(3) Greenwalls, flower pots, green wall flower boxes and new planter colors. The  new greenwall tray system may be used with gridwall, steel cable or hung in place with a tray wall system.

There's three new tall planter series  - the Aquarian, the Wilshire and the Urban. Create sidewalk or dining privacy with greenwall flower boxes.  Both standard and custom sizes are available. You may now also add dramatic color or metallic finishes to standard flower containers or an upscale look or eye catching attention. Greenwall installation ideas anyone?
(4) New and updated elevated and  vertical bike racks. The Flight Deck family of benches, trash cans and recyclable material containers are joined by the Flight Deck bike rack and the Lollipop bike rack steps front and center for a bit of fun and whimsy. The updated Duplex and Decker elevated bike racks gain traction in bike station planning and the Space Saver vertical bike rack with wall, single and double sided bike parking are a hit in bike rooms. The news Vizor bike shelter has also hit the streets.

(5) Prefabricated café barriers join the product offerings in freestanding, portable and embedded models.  Use with sidewalk cafe's, plaza parklets and temporary event spaces. We welcome your request for custom fabricated cafe barriers.

(6) Stainless steel fireproof trash receptacles and multiple compartment recycle centers with advertising panels round out the new products.  Stay tuned for more information on the Kendo Wipe It and It's Gone Anti-Graffiti coated trash can.  It may be the perfect trash can for graffiti prone urban environments. 

(7) For additional product ideas, visit our site furniture ideas gallery. Take a look under the product ideas heading.