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Issue 1 Volume 8 November 2008
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Off-Season Hitting Practice
Should My Child Play-up?
Coach's Letter to Parents
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Happy Thanksgiving from CoachDeck!

We are thankful here at CoachDeck that, because of your support, we're entering our third baseball season. Thousands of coaches in hundreds of leagues across the country are using CoachDeck to run more fun and productive practices. If you're getting into the planning stages for the spring, we would love to have you consider providing CoachDeck as your way of giving thanks for the time and effort your hard-working volunteers devote. If you'd like information on CoachDeck for baseball, including our League Discount pricing, contact us at
We hope you find the articles in this issue informative and enjoyable. Plus we've featured some pretty unique products you'll definitely want to explore.
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 Bryan SidensolOff-Season Training Ideas for Hitters
by Coach Bryan Sidensol
Unless you are fortunate enough to have winter baseball league in your area, this is the time of year that many avid players hate - the off-season. While there is no thrill of game competition or game-winning hits this time of year, the off-season is an optimal time to get a head start on next year. Read Article
CoachDeck Basketball 
New! CoachDeck for Basketball!
Coaching the kids' rec basketball team? Now you can run practices like a professional coach, even if you have no experience or time to prepare. Shuffle through 52 color-coded drills in four categories: Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling and Defense. Great for rookie and experienced coaches. Learn More
 Brian GottaShould My Child Play-up? 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I'm in my eighth year on my local Little League board, and this is the time for spring registrations. It is also the time of year that our board gets inundated with email requests for six, seven and eight year-old kids to be allowed to "play up," a division beyond their age group. Read Article
Pitch Count Watch 
Track Pitch Counts From Your Wrist! 

The Pitch Count Watch is one of the most handy devices a baseball coach or scorekeeper can own! Tracks two pitchers simultaneously and offers time/date/alarm/stopwatch modes. Perfect gift for the coach! Learn More
Darrell Burnett A Coach's Letter to Parents 
By Dr. Darrell Burnett, Certified Sports Psychologist

An open letter, from coach to parents, providing some hints on how to make this a fun season, with lots of positive memories for your kids and your family. Read Article