Good Morning Western Fairs Association Member,

Yesterday the Western Fairs Association held another membership wide call, which included association leadership reports and a time for our members to ask questions and get answers. Most importantly the call allowed the Western Fairs Association membership to check-in and see each other. One of the main themes of the call was to stay in communication with one another. Members challenged each other to reach out to at least three fellow members each day, whether it is fair to staff, a fellow division member, or an old friend. We thank you all for your resistance and adaptability. It is truly amazing to witness all of the amazing things that each of our members is doing, even in the darkest of times. 

On a lighter note, Today is National Unicorn, National Name Yourself Day, as well as National Cherish an Antique Day. So however you choose to celebrate, whether it be by giving yourself a new name for the day, breaking out some old spring decorations, or making a matching unicorn horn and protective mask, we hope you find a little joy in doing so!

Sending our love and support,

Western Fairs Association Team
NEW! We Are Here to HELP Digital Campaign
Western Fairs Association and our members are HERE TO HELP as we navigate our way through COVID-19. Today more than ever we are seeing our local, state, and national governments call upon the fair industry to assist during times of crisis; nationwide, Fairgrounds stand to serve. Let’s make #WFAHereToHelp travel the world...JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.
UPDATED: WFA COVID-19 Updates Webpage
The Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage includes a full list of fair cancellations, resources, and information by country and state. This page is updated daily... VISIT OUR SITE.
UPDATED: Western Fairs Association App
Along with the Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage, the WFA mobile app also includes a full list of fair cancellations and easy access to our daily newsletters...DOWNLOAD THE APP.
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Stay safe and healthy!