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October 21,  2015
Open 8-6 every day
Saturday Morning Fun!
Starting at 10 am October 24
Pumpkin Carving and Painting in the Hayloft!
Purchase a pumpkin in the market and take it up to the Hayloft to decorate!
Meet in the Garden Center for Hayrides
from 10-12!
Counting Down To Halloween!
Kate has chosen some really fun decorations for your home or business.  There's lots of fun Halloween candy, too!

Repotting Clinic Starts Thursday
Thursday 10/22 through Wednesday 10/28
9:00-5:00 PM each day (including the weekend)
Learn to re-pot your own houseplants at the 
Potting Bench in the Garden Center.
Staff will be on hand to assist, offer recommendations, and educate you on proper re-potting  and pruning techniques. 
Pots are 30% off.

Re-potting fees starting at $3.00 apply, but we will waive the fee if you purchase a new pot!
Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!
Put the freeze on winter deer damage...
It's a perfect time to apply Liquid Fence deer repellent to protect your shrubs during the winter months.  It is long lasting and rain resistant and it's easy to use! Plus it really works!
The farmers grew a whole bunch of different types this year, from Red Adirondack to Yukon Gold, and you can find them in the market!
What's that you say?  You heard that potatoes are bad for you?
Well, look at the nutrition that a potato packs. 
They are virtually fat-free, packed with potassium (more than a banana). Also Vitamin C, B6, Fiber and Iron!
So now you can feel better about cooking some of these
great recipes with Bartlett's Potatoes! 
Thanksgiving Is In Five Weeks!
Nantucket has become a Thanksgiving destination, and you may be blessed to have a house full of relatives and friends for a long weekend!  So it's not too soon to start thinking about ordering your turkey and sides for Thanksgiving!  
This year we are offering Murray's Turkeys.
They have no antibiotics, no growth hormones,
and they are vegetable fed.
Nantucket's cranberry bogs are producing beautifully and we have a good supply of organic berries here at the market.
Cook them fresh, or throw them in the freezer to use later! 
Try this recipe for a cranberry smoothie!
It's just one recipe of many offered by the
Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association!.
Have you driven out to the farm and wondered why the fields are
so green at this time of year?  
Farmer Andrew gives you a great explanation of cover crops and other interesting aspects of sustainable agriculture here at the farm. 
Fertile Fields of Green
~ by Andrew Spollett
It is early fall on the farm and the fields have been undergoing change as the days shorten and nights begin to cool.  Many crops are finished, such as the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and summer squash, and the Farm Grown crew has been busy harvesting all the storage crops: winter squash, potatoes and turnips, while the pumpkins and gourds have filled the Garden Center in anticipation of Halloween.  We continue to harvest more cold-hardy crops – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and beets – however at this time of year the fields begin to take on a new characteristic.  Dense, green foliage begins to cover the ground, springing up in large rectangles, first in isolated areas then merging into large plots as the summer’s crops complete their lifecycles and get tilled down into the soil.  This practice is known as cover cropping, and it is a key aspect of sustainable agriculture here at the farm.
We include cover crops in our planting rotation for a number of reasons: to manage soil erosion, to promote fertility for future crops, to suppress weeds and diseases in the fields, and to increase biodiversity.  Each spring, the fields are plowed and the ground is prepared for planting multiple crops of each vegetable group.  For example, we plant four crops of field tomatoes on different dates in order to have a steady supply of tomatoes to harvest in the busy summer months.  When the crops finish their lifecycle and we are no longer harvesting them, the crop residue gets chopped by the flail mower, then the residue is tilled down into the soil.  The cover crop is seeded into the same ground, and will stay in the field over winter until the next spring.  The first cover crops start to go in the last week of August, and continue to be seeded until the second week of October.
We plant different varieties of cover crops, but the majority of the farm is seeded with a mixture of winter rye and hairy vetch.  Winter rye (pictured above) is a cold-hardy grass which can germinate at cooler temperatures and produces biomass quickly.  The winter rye establishes itself in the fall, survives overwinter, and regrows in the spring time.  Winter rye is a great cover crop for our region because it germinates so readily at cooler temperatures, and it adds organic matter to the soil when tilled down.  Hairy vetch is a legume, in the same family as clover, beans, and peas.  Legumes have the ability to fix nitrogen in the soil through symbiosis with a soil bacteria.  Atmospheric nitrogen is converted into a plant-usable form of nitrogen and it adheres to the roots of the legume in nodules.  When legume cover crops are tilled down, those nodules of nitrogen are then available for the vegetable crop that will be planted that spring.  We also grow buckwheat, Sudan grass, and oats as cover crops. 
Cover crops help to improve soil quality through the incorporation of organic matter every year.  As opposed to cash crops, which take nutritive value from the soil, the biomass that is produced by the cover crop gets tilled down and becomes part of the soil.  The organic matter fraction of soil is the natural reservoir of fertility that the soil possesses.  Cover cropping helps to balance the nutrient cycle on the farm so that the soil does not become deficient.  If we were to only grow and harvest cash crops, the fertility of the soil would decrease over time.  The cover crops are not grown to be sold, but to preserve and improve the overall health of the soil.  As mentioned earlier, legume cover crops also have the ability to fix nitrogen in the soil which is very important because nitrogen is a key plant nutrient, along with phosphorus and potassium.

Including cover crops in our planting rotation yields many positive returns.  Cover crops help to ensure the productivity of the land, which is really at the heart of sustainable agriculture.  I truly appreciate this aspect of the way we farm, replenishing the soil and always striving to improve the goodness of the land.
We are booking holiday parties for November and December in the Hayloft!
Are you interested in a family style dinner or a cocktail party for your
company's holiday party?  We can do both! 
Contact Amy for more information!

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We Have Pumpkins!
Orange pumpkins, warty pumpkins, white pumpkins, yellow pumpkins, pink pumpkins, small pumpkins, really small pumpkins, 
big pumpkins, and really big pumpkins.
And they were all grown here at Bartlett's.
You can find them in the garden center! 
From the Garden Center
Perennials are 75% off
(Does not include Evergreens)

4” Annuals 75% OFF
Mum 8”  4 for $25.00 (Reg. $8.99)

Must buy at least 4 to receive the discounted price
Pottery & Stone Statuary 30% off
Save the date for
Ladies Night! 
November 12, 2016 6-8 pm
New Fall Hours for Nantucket Fresh Catch
Friday-Monday from 12n-6pm
But no need to fear... there will still be beautiful, hand-selected seafood from Joan + Jeff in the coolers at the rear of the market everyday. When you spend $25 on seafood you'll receive a $5 gift card for your next visit!
The early bird gets the worm! 
Or, the early order gets the discount! 
Order your wreath on-line before October 31st
and get $10 off each wreath to be delivered for the Christmas Season. 
Wreath shipping starts November 30 and if you order now,
our custom decorated double-faced balsam wreaths
will be discounted by $10. 
We are offering two sizes. The 12" wreath has outside dimensions of 16-20" and the 16" wreath has outside dimensions of 22-24" 
Bartlett's is Your Game Day Take-Out Store

This Sunday: Pats Vs. Jets @ 1 pm.

Swing by the farm first to pick up
Braised BBQ Ribs or Jumbo Spicy Buffalo Wings!

Or Call ahead to Order 508-228-9403 ext 118
You can take them home in a ready-to-reheat container!

Put These Dates in Your Calendar!

Yoga in the Hayloft Every Day (New Fall Schedule is On-line)

October 31 - 10am: Farm Talk: Bee Shay and Botanical Printing

November 7 -  10am: Harvesting and Cooking Scallops with Joan Skar

November 12 - 6-8 pm: Ladies night to benefit the Marla Ceely Lamb Fund

November 14th - 10am: Create your Holiday Table with
David Holland-Leggieri 

Nov 21 and 22: Yard Sale to Benefit Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

Nov 24, 25: Thanksgiving Item Pick-up Days

Thanksgiving Day: Closed

Nov 28 - 10am: Wreath Workshop

December - 5 10am Wreath Workshop

December - 6: noon Wreath Workshop

December 12 - 10am: Book Talk: Barbara White Talks about her Nantucket History Book